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Eucon license revoked

THE State Board of Regents has revoked the nine-month provisional license of Eucon International College.
In a written decision released on Friday, the board, chaired by Fermin Atalig, adopted the decision of its program committee to cancel Eucon’s license due to insufficient educational facilities.
The board is composed of Atalig, Vincent J. Seman, Galvin Deleon Guerrero, Kimberly King-Hinds, Eloise A. Furey and Margarita R. Olopai-Taitano.
Based on the three-page decision, the license was revoked due to Eucon’s alleged misrepresentation of documentation submitted to the board, and “failure to maintain the standards an conditions set forth in its application.”
The board cited six alleged violations by Eucon: It stated that it was a legally registered educational college when it entered a contract with students on April 19, 2001; it lacks library resources; it has no qualified nursing instructors; no laboratories for nursing students; no catalog or official course description; and it has programs offered to its students without explanation.
“Based on all the above findings, the board hereby revokes the provisional license of Eucon International College.... Not to revoke (Eucon’s) license would be a disservice to both the students and the community at large,” the board said.
The board added: “The board’s decision to revoke is not one made out of malice. The Constitution authorizes the board to license, limit, and regulate all post-secondary activities.... The board does not take this authority lightly; it ensures that post-secondary education in the commonwealth meets the needs of college students.”
The board said Eucon “is clearly not in a position to provide adequate education as a post-secondary educational institution.”
For alleged lack of nursing laboratories, Eucon cannot “adequately prepare its students for the nursing exam and cannot help them prepare to become nurses.”
Eucon President Christian Wei could not be reached for comment. He was off-island last week.
In an interview on Thursday, Judy Wei, Eucon school manager, said the board’s revocation of the license prior to the expiration date would be “illegal.”
In earlier interview, Christian Wei complained that the investigating team did not consider some improvements carried out by the school since it began operations in September.
“That’s why we have this provisional license. We need some time to fully meet the requirements. Certainly, we can’t have a big library overnight. We’re just starting, but we intend to boost our library resources,” Wei said.
Wei said Eucon was hoping to receive assistance from the board to be able to meet the necessary requirements.
In Dec. 2001, the board’s program committee chaired by Deleon Guerrero formed a team to investigate Eucon following the complaints of three students.
The investigating team visited Eucon twice.
On Feb. 5, the team, in consultation with Northern Marianas College legal counsel Jesus C. Borja, finalized its recommendation to the board.
On March 15, the board convened a special meeting to make a final decision on the issue.
The board issued the provisional license to Eucon on Aug. 30. 2001. It is set to expire on May 31.
The investigating team was composed of Regent Eloise Furey, Mt. Carmel School President Margaret Dela Cruz, Jesus Elameto of the Public School System and Jean Olopai of Pacific Resource for Education and Learning.