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Two new certified personal trainers at Gold’s Gym Saipan

(Press Release) — Gold’s Gym Saipan is proud to announce Ella Dela Cruz and Michelle Masga as the two newly NASM or National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainers, raising the total of personal trainers on staff to seven.

Born in the Philippines and a fine arts major in visual communications, Dela Cruz came to Saipan in 2000 and started work at the gym in June 2012. In addition to her new position as a personal trainer, Ella holds certifications in TRX Suspension Training, Body Pump by Les Mills, Pilates, POP Pilates of Casey Ho and First Aid/CPR. She currently works at the front desk and teaches TRX, Pilates and Tone & Sculpt. Ella was inspired by others to become a Personal Trainer as she has recently taught Boot Camp & Pilates at LA Fitness and Body Pump & Pilates at 24-Hour Fitness in Washington.

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Michelle Masga, left, and Ella Dela Cruz.  Gold’s Gym photoMichelle Masga, left, and Ella Dela Cruz. Gold’s Gym photo

Dela Cruz believes that the essential exercises consist of the 1) Squat which strengthens lower extremities like glutes and quadriceps; 2) Front Iso-Abs or aka “the Plank” which strengthens abdominals, back and shoulders. 3) Floor Bridge, which targets the lower, back muscles and glutes and strengthens and activates core stabilizer muscles, decreases knee pain and corrects muscle imbalances.

Her own fitness goals consist of aging well, gaining more energy, getting fitter and stronger and being a role model to all women, especially mothers. Dela Cruz says, “It’s not too late to make a big change in you.”

When asked about recommended dietary supplements to enhance a client’s performance, she replied, “Amino and whey protein. Gold’s Gym is selling one brand called ‘Dotfit.’ ”

Born and raised in Saipan, Michelle Ann Masga is a graduate of Northern Marianas College (associates degree in liberal arts) and started work at Gold’s on Aug. 15, 2016. She works as a front desk associate and was inspired to become a personal trainer because of her long-term goal of becoming a physical therapist specializing in sports medicine. Masga currently coaches volleyball and strives to improve her coaching with experience and knowledge gained in the gym as well as through the study of personal training.

Previously certified in First Aid/CPR, Masga studied eight months before taking the NASM exam. For new clients, Masga utilizes a structured assessment that tells a person’s BMI, body fat, and muscle imbalances. During the assessment, she evaluates the client’s body weight and height to determine the BMI. The assessment also informs personal trainers which muscles are overactive and underactive when performing an overhead squat.

“Before we start with a program, we highly recommend the client to visit their physician or a physical therapist to determine if the client is fit enough for exercise. Based on the check up, we would know their limitations and capabilities. For example, if a client has had a previous knee injury, we would try to strengthen that weak leg by doing single leg movements,” says Masga. For people who want to gain muscle mass, she suggests they take whey protein powder to enhance the body’s protein synthesis, in addition to a multivitamin to improve overall health and a better immune system.

Located adjacent to Sugar King Park, Gold’s Gym Saipan is a full fitness facility open seven days a week with world-class certified personal trainers, energetic class instructors, and innovative fitness programs. Gold’s Gym has the coaching, programs, and experience you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. For more information, please call 670-233-4000.