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Local author releases new book

(Press Release) — Local Saipan author Jeremy S. Devey has released his debut science fiction novel, “Ascendant.”

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It tells the story of Kristen Combs, a NOAA oceanographer who just wants to keep her head down and do her part to protect the seas. But in the mid-21st century, that’s no simple task. America is in decline, Asia is rattling her sabers, and whispers of war are in the air. When an invasion does come, though, it’s not the DPRK storming America’s shores. Creatures made of water flood the streets of Seattle, decimating the city, killing thousands.

Dr. Combs braves the flooded ruin of her city and makes a critical discovery about the Aquatic invaders. Her insight draws the attention of the U.S. military, and she is propelled to the forefront of humanity’s response to the alien threat. Assisted by a half-machine Mako warrior and her team of Marines, Combs must find answers: Why are the Aquatics here? What do they want? And can they be stopped before civilization is washed off the face of the Earth?

Ascendant is available for purchase in print and ebook formats by searching for “JS Devey” on the Amazon website.