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International tourism firm sets its sights on NMI

(Press Release) — A major international tourism firm has set its sights on the growing CNMI tourism marketplace.

Beijing-based UTour Group Company, Ltd., has announced its decision to begin its investments into the CNMI. UTour, listed on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange, has been engaged in the outbound tourism business for over two decades. Lead by Chairman Feng Bin, the firm is engaged in outbound travel, educational tourism, immigration services, health care, tourism finance, insurance and other exit service. Following his initial visit to the CNMI in August of 2017, Chairman Bin has pivoted the firm’s investments to include tourism related investments in the CNMI.

“I am amazed at the natural beauty of the islands and despite the number of visitors that have visited the Commonwealth over the past three decades, the natural environment remains comparatively healthy and intact compared to other tropical destinations. I believe that investments into a destination like Saipan and the rest of the CNMI will position our firm for the growth that our shareholders are looking for,” said Chairman Feng.

Despite having a strong financial backing, UTour Group Co. Ltd. understands the importance of having local knowledge and background to ensure a sound investment. To ensure that the firm was able to make smart investments into the CNMI, it has partnered with the CNMI-based Top Development Inc. or TDI. TDI has operated in Saipan for nearly 25 years and was instrumental in the development of the China-based charter flight market segment. In 2002, TDI set out to capture untapped Chinese source markets and has developed its sales networks across a variety of source cities to include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou ad Guangzhou. Most recently, TDI partnered with agents to launch the Hangzhou-Saipan charter flights operated by Beijing Capital Airlines providing 500 flight seats weekly to the CNMI.

The two firms have partnered to create UTop Investment Group, Inc. The firm has announced a ten-year strategic plan centered on four major elements within the tourism marketplace. With a strong international presence and CNMI based network and infrastructure offering air-service, ground transportation, tour packages and a host of other peripheral services and products, UTop has made it clear that they want to be part of the CNMI’s success story.

“Our team is comprised of professionals with local knowledge, as well as those who are well versed in the international marketing and tourism industries. Lead by our Project Director, Mr. Stonic Chu, the firm has already begun making strategic investments into properties throughout the island. We anticipated helping the CNMI that our investments will position the CNMI to accommodate and support the continued growth trend in the tourism industry. Despite some pitfalls with U.S.-based air service, we are confident that our entry into the CNMI marketplace will serve to support the CNMI’s continued upward trends” said Feng.