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E-Land Group to expand community service, other programs for Saipan

ASIDE from implementing community projects, employees of E-Land Group, the parent company of the Kensington Hotel, Pacific Islands Club and Coral Ocean Golf Resort,  participate in various beach and community cleanup activities.

“As members of the Saipan community, we interact with the community,” E-Land corporate social responsibility facilitator Lindsay “Eunji” Ahn said. “We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to give back and share our blessings.”

Ahn said E-Land Group’s primary business philosophy is sharing.  “It is not just a catchphrase — we practice it,” she said, adding that 10 percent of their net profits are for social contributions each year.

For example,  the Kensington, which celebrated its second anniversary on Saturday, continues to be engaged with its sister hotels in diverse community projects, Ahn said.

They have renovated seven school bus stops on Saipan and built three from scratch, she added.

Their most recent project was the bus stop in San Antonio near PIC.

The Kensington, in particular, helps improve and develop other public facilities, including pavilions at Paupau Beach, Minachom Atdao, and Unai Danklu Beach Park.

“Once we adopt facilities, we try to maintain them and keep them clean for  the convenience and safety of the people who use them,” Ahn said.

In March, she added, Kensington provided approximately $10,000 for the upkeep of those facilities.

One of their major programs is the E-Land Environmental Youth Alliance.

The program was introduced in 2016  to raise environmental awareness among young people and support student-led environmental projects.

In May, E-Land held an award ceremony for 400 students from nine schools for their remarkable achievements in protecting the environment, Ahn said.

They also sponsor the annual ground-golf tournament for the manamko’, and will sponsor the upcoming fundraising movie project of the Saipan Senior Citizens Advisory Council.

 E-Land Group is also very appreciative of the CNMI government’s support, Ahn said.

“The government has partnered with us and has been an enormous help. The government helps us find projects we can implement.”

New ideas

As for the Kensington Hotel’s plans, Ahn said they will continue to look for new and fresh ideas to improve their services and facilities.

In their first year of business, she said they introduced the Infinity Pool. The Kenny Play Deck, a sports facility for children and adults, was launched in  December.

“Our guests enjoy what it has to offer — a climbing-wall, table tennis, a trampoline, air hockey, darts and pocket ball,” Ahn said.

Great honor

E-Land Group appreciates the guests who joined the Kensington’s second anniversary celebration on Saturday.

“It was our great honor to have CNMI officials as our guests,” Ahn said.

“We are also thankful to our cherished business partners, staff from our sister properties, PIC and Coral Ocean Point and, most importantly, our in-house guests who were also part of the celebration,” she added.