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Grilling by sunset

(Marianas Variety) — With the delicious sizzling smell of grilled chicken, beef and vegetables wafting in the air while admiring gorgeous Saipan sunsets, Salty’s Grill & Café along Beach Road, Garapan takes the traditional Japanese teppanyaki style cooking to a whole new level.

For a limited time for the month of August, call to make reservations in an island style patio overlooking the beach for a delicious Special Sunset Teppanyaki BBQ Grill experience.

Co-Owner and local chef Ken Tanzawa wanted to use the unique space to create a memorable experience for guests and local diners.

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Freshly grilled prawns, fish and chicken for one of the delicious Special Sunset Teppanyaki BBQ Grill at Salty’s Grill & Cafe in Garapan.
Delicious Certified Angus Beef Steak platter, freshly grilled for the Special Sunset Teppanyaki BBQ Grill at Salty’s Grill & Cafe in Garapan.  Contributed photos

“We wanted to make use of this outdoor space, beautiful sunsets and we wanted to bring back our popular BBQ grill experience, so we tied it all together and came up with this special dinner,” said Tanzawa.

This new dinner special is definitely worth the trip over.  For only $25, you will enjoy freshly grilled appetizers, vegetables, garlic fried rice and a 10 ounce Certified Angus Beef Steak plus local Saipan Brewing beer at $5 a frosty mug.

Or just for four dollars more at $29, you will enjoy an appetizer, grilled vegetables, garlic fried rice, fresh fish, prawn and an 8 ounce Certified Angus Beef Steak, with the same drink specials.

If you are feeling very, very hungry, the prices and portions are more than good enough for you to go for both sets.

Table seating encourages groups of four and above, so it is a great way to enjoy with friends, family and guests — even to impress your date.

“If all goes well for this month, we will add this as a regular option to our menu, but we are already flexible in catering to what our guests request for,” he said.

Salty’s famous Chamorro Red Rice can be substituted in place of the garlic fried rice for a more local BBQ feel to the special dinner set and diners can request to grill their own entrees or dine comfortably inside.

The Special Sunset Teppanyaki BBQ Grill can be served for private parties and the patio could seat up to 15 guests, with reservation start time around 6pm to 8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Reservations can be made on any day besides Sunday for four people or more at 12 noon the day of or the day before by calling 233-7257 or 287-7851.