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Enjoy Chairman M’s Noodle Bar day or night

AS part of its efforts to introduce patrons to the different flavors of Chinese cuisine, Chairman M’s Noodle Bar, which offers a variety of authentic Chinese dishes, is now available anytime of the day.

In the past months, Chairman M served its own menu at daytime while the Noodle Bar menu was served at night time.

“Today, we are restructuring  Chairman M, and customers can now order Noodle Bar menu items any time of the day,” said Lucy Guo, Imperial Pacific Resort vice president for hospitality and affairs.

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Chairman M executive chef Haisong Chen, Imperial Pacific Resort vice president of hospitality and affairs Lucy Guo, and Chef Wai Keung Chan.
Cantonese roasted duck, fried crispy shrimp, sweet and sour pork, broccoli with beef top sirloin and spicy pot.  Photos by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

She said their goal is to bring  authentic, quality and traditional Chinese dishes to the island at reasonable prices.

At the helm of Chairman M’s kitchen is executive chef Haisong Chen, whose vast knowledge of Chinese and other dishes has earned him a 2-star Michelin status for three years.

During his 30 years as a chef, Chen has worked in different restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea,  France and other countries.

In the kitchen, Guo said, Chen prepares food in the traditional way. “The trend today is mostly fusion, but he sticks to tradition.”

She added that Chen’s skill in the kitchen has been highlighted in Chinese magazines.

“I really want the people to know that authentic Chinese food is here,” Guo said. “We are here to serve and our price is reasonable.”

Chairman M is on the ground floor of Imperial Pacific Resort in Garapan.

 “Chairman M, through its Noodle Bar menu, is different from other Chinese restaurants,” Guo said. “We have delicious food found all over China. Other restaurants are focused on one regional cuisine only.  Here, we have the best of Cantonese, Sichuan and other dishes from the other parts of China.”

A  customer, who declined to be identified, said he and his friends had the impression that the food was expensive at Chairman M. “The place is so elegant. The food is delicious. But the prices are reasonable.”

Guo reiterated that Chairman M serves quality but inexpensive food. “Our restaurant may look elegant and expensive but the price is reasonable — we intend to get the local market.”