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Saipan International School becomes NMI’s first ‘Safety School’

(SIS) — Unfortunately, for all of us, school safety has become a critical topic of concern in our daily lives in the 21st century. As a result, school budgets are being stretched too quickly to establish effective safety measures that can increase protection and improve the safety of school children and educational staff.

The glass on windows and doors of a school building can be a very vulnerable entry point into a school. Currently, several hundred schools across the mainland have already installed 3M window film to help protect this potential entry point. This acts as a deterrent and provides extra response time if an intruder attempts to enter the building. It also deters breaking and entering by slowing the entry and preventing shattering during break-ins, typhoons or something as simple as a mis-kicked soccer ball.

3M is offering a special discount to the island’s schools to help protect the students of the commonwealth and 3M has just completed the installation at Saipan International School.

SIS headmaster Dr. Ron Snyder is very happy to be the first school to take advantage of the special price but he hopes that it isn’t the last.

“This puts the safety of the children first and is a great option for schools across the CNMI. Depending on the film type, it also has other benefits. We chose a film that is extra thick and polarized. Not only does it protect our students and facilities, it also blocks about 75 percent of ultraviolet radiation and nearly 100 percent of thermal radiation. That should drive our operational expenses down and help us build better programs for our students.”