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Digital Saipan launches ‘Islandride’ in September

(Press Release) — Digital Saipan, the island’s only full software development firm, is set to launch “Islandride” in September. Islandride is Saipan’s first rideshare platform, similar to other rideshares like Uber or Lyft. Islandride hopes to garner interest in the community to gain buzz for riders and (more importantly for the immediate future) drivers.

Drivers can choose the hours and days they work. It can be full or part time. Requirements include: a recent police clearance; copy of driving record; copy of driver’s license; if have lived on island for less than three years 3 personal references; copy of insurance; recent vehicle inspection; a vehicle under 5 years old.

If applicant can match requirements (of having clean background record, clean driving record, insurance, and late model safe automobile) then they can expect to earn 80 percent of any income generated. The remaining 20 percent will be kept by Islandride to promote service and maintain and improve technology. This allows system to be rewarding for the self-motivated individual who wants to have more control of their own schedule and freedom.

Islandride hopes to expand motor vehicle drivers service in the future to food delivery, grocery delivery, item delivery, and moving. In other services Islandride hopes to include service in the near future for: boat transportation, and delivery; a community service and goods exchange; and other exciting ideas.

For more information, contact Robert Exley at 287-9758 or