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Mount Carmel School reboots SAT Boot Camp

(MCS) — After a brief hiatus, Mount Carmel School will once again offer its SAT Boot Camp.

Mount Carmel School president Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero, center, meet with reading and writing instructor Brittany Norris, left, and math instructor Emmanuel Borja, right, to discuss the School’s current plans to host an SAT Bootcamp. For more information, call 234-6184 or email MCS photo

First offered in the Fall of 2009, the six-week boot camp is designed to help students improve their performance on the College Board’s SAT, a standardized test used for most college admissions in the United States. The school announced that the program has been updated to reflect recent changes in the SAT.

The program curriculum helps students master several skills necessary to do well on the test. These skills include analyzing and explaining how the test is designed and scored; learning and utilizing effective test-taking strategies; and easing test-taking anxiety and increasing comfort and confidence by taking practice tests. Students will also review and refresh their content knowledge in English and math.

Over the years, over a hundred students have taken the boot camp, many of whom have increased their SAT scores by an average of 200 points. In some cases, students have raised their scores by almost 400 points.

With regard to the benefits of the SAT Boot Camp, Mount Carmel School president Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero shared, “The SAT Boot Camp is an extension of our school’s commitment to preparing students for college. While we enhance our college-preparatory services, with additions like a dedicated academic adviser and a college-prep seminar curriculum for underclassmen, the SAT Boot Camp continues to make a huge difference in ensuring our students have what they need to succeed.”

Last year, the College Board redesigned the SAT to increase the number of curriculum-based questions, revise the essay section, and refine how student performance on the test is scored. In turn, the school’s SAT Boot Camp has been retooled to help students prepare for the new test. In addition, the program will continue offering proctored practice tests, which have been effective at improving student focus and persistence during the test.

Mount Carmel School AlumKnight and SAT Boot Camp math instructor Emmanuel Borja shared, “ Students stand to gain two important things from participation in this program: First, they will review the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly answer the questions presented on the SAT. Secondly, they will gain familiarity with the format and rules for the test, building their confidence that they know what to do when they walk into the testing room.”

MCS academic adviser and SAT Boot Camp reading and writing instructor Brittany Norris added, “I think a lot of students think they aren’t good at testing, but they simply lack the knowledge to strategically take an exam as massive as the SAT. This is a struggle for all high school students and that is why we know it is important that we offer this academic opportunity.”

This year’s SAT Boot Camp will run from August 27 through October 3, 2019, leading up to the October 5, 2019, SAT examination. The Boot Camp is open to all high school students. The fee is $200 for Mount Carmel School students and $300 for those not enrolled at the school. Application forms are available at the MCS and online at the school’s website, Application forms and fees are due by Monday, August 26, 2019.

For more information, call 234-6184 or email