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New acupuncture clinic for women opens on Saipan

THE first acupuncture center on Saipan exclusively for women is located on the second floor of the I-Connect/Pangelinan Annex Building on Middle Road.

Managed by a licensed and experienced acupuncture practitioner from California, Dr. Yeo Jung No, Women Sense Acupuncture opened in January and has been attracting clients from all walks of life.

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Dr. Yeo Jung No, who is proficient in Korean, Chinese and English, said an acupuncturist must know the complaint of the patient so good communication plays a very important role in the treatment.

“I want to help treat people’s diseases,” she said, adding that she used to work at Jaseng Center in Fullerton, California. The center is also one of the biggest and most famous oriental medicine clinics in Korea.

On Saipan, Dr. Yeo Jung No said her clinic is very accessible for those in the southern and northern parts of the island.

Aside from its great location, she added, her clinic has a clean, peaceful, comfortable and friendly atmosphere which is equally importantly as well.

Women Sense Acupuncture offers various treatment services, which include electric stimulation, electric massage, electric acupuncture, air cupping, fire cupping, cupping massage, triple moxa, hand moxa, acu-pressure, ear-seed, sports taping, skin care, skin needle, and urgent care.

Dr. Yeo Jung No said her holistic approach to the maintenance of one’s health and the management of disease is not only limited to physical therapy.

She also prescribes oriental medicine or herbs to her clients based on their specific ailments.

Women Sense Acupuncture has different varieties of herbal tea for people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, join pain, muscle pain and other diseases, she said.

Her fee is very competitive, she added: $60 for average healthcare and $40 for senior citizens or those who are 65 or older.

Acupuncture with physical therapy service costs $95 for average healthcare, and $75 for senior healthcare.

Dr. Yeo Jung No studied at Dongguk University in Los Angeles and at Shanghai Zhongyiyao University in China.

She completed 40 hours of clinical internship at the University of Southern California, and was recognized for her excellence in scholarship, service and leadership achievements by Dongguk University Los Angeles.

Women Sense Acupuncture is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday to Saturday. For more information, call 234-5670 during clinic hours.