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Beat the heat with fried ice cream

FRIED ice cream is one of the many concoctions available at the I Love Saipan store in Garapan.

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Fried ice cream topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup.
The ice cream mixture rolled and ready to serve.
Shelly Fabito and Janelle Lavetina are eager to try caramel and peanut butter fried ice cream.  Photos by Lori Lyn Lirio
According to Joel Salvoza, the store’s coordinator for promotion and marketing, fried ice cream is a popular street food in Thailand.

“We saw it on YouTube and we decided to serve it here,” he said.

So they started inquiring where to buy the fried ice cream machine.

“We had it imported from California,” he said, adding that with shipping the machine cost $2,000.

The fried ice cream machine looks like a flat burger grill but the cream along with the flavors are frozen at low temperatures.

Salvoza said they do not use prepackaged ice cream mixes. They make the ice cream from scratch so customers will know what the ingredients they put in it are.

The milk, cream and fruits are poured on an iced pan. When the fruits and other flavors are well mixed, the mixture is spread on the iced pan and rolled. Voila! Fried ice cream.

“Unlike the ice cream that we buy from stores, our fried ice cream has less sugar,” Salvoza said. The main ingredients are milk, cream and fruits.

“It is creamy, and it is the fruits and other solid ingredients that give texture to the ice cream,” Salvoza said, adding that it takes a minute and 30 seconds to prepare each serving.

He said customers can choose from among eight flavors: mango and cheese, cookies and cream, buko pandan (coconut and screwpine), piña colada, rocky road, strawberry and caramel and peanut butter — topped with whipped cream and sprinkles for only $4.

Salvoza said they are planning to add more flavors that will feature local crops.

Right now, he added, cookies and cream is the most popular flavor among teenagers, who are their main patrons.