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Saipan’s Delta Management represents NMI and IP&E on world stage

(Press Release) — Delta Management Corporation or DMC and its owner Jim Arenovski were honored by Shell in New York City last month at its Smiling Stars event. DMC and Arenovski were awarded “Retailer of the Year’ and “Gold Retailer” status.

The annual Shining Stars awards event, which brings together the top 2 percent of Shell Branded retail sites from over 80 countries around the world, is a celebration of networking, learning and fun. Approximately 1000 people were in attendance.

This is the first year IP&E has participated in the event and we are proud to have DMC represent IP&E and the CNMI on the world stage. DMC competed against our local IP&E Shell branded sites on Saipan and Guam and other Shell Licensee’s around the world in a program called “People Make the Difference Real.” The criteria for this program is based are volume and store sales performance, cleanliness and maintenance and customer service through inspections and mystery customer visits.

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The CNMI flag at Ellis Island.The CNMI flag at Ellis Island. Awards night: from left, Bernard Valera, Ephrem Gaangin, Jim Arenovski, Genna Leon Guererro and Bill Ada. Awards night: from left, Bernard Valera, Ephrem Gaangin, Jim Arenovski, Genna Leon Guererro and Bill Ada.
Shell global executive VP of retail, Shell’s single site award winner from Finland and Jim Arenovski of the CNMI.Shell global executive VP of retail, Shell’s single site award winner from Finland and Jim Arenovski of the CNMI. Jim Arenovski with Shell’s Gold Retailer recognition.Jim Arenovski with Shell’s Gold Retailer recognition.

Arenovski is no stranger to this concept. “We have always trained regularly and continue to invest in our staff about our philosophy on how to engage customers, they are the reason people choose to come back to our sites.”

Ephrem Gaangin, manager for the DMC Saipan also earned the honor of attending this prestigious event. “Ephrem is a key part of our organization and does a great job especially in managing and motivating our talented staff.” offered Arenovski. Gaangin has work with Delta Management of over 10 years and has demonstrated his skills for managing people year after year. “It was an honor to attend this event, everything was great. It is hard to describe how well we were treated. We felt like VIP’s the whole time we were in New York,” said Gaangin. “Of course, our staff has a lot to do with our success and I am proud of them for the years of great work they have done. It was nice they got the opportunity to be recognized.”

Delta Management has operated Shell Branded gas stations since May of 1998, and has been a service leader in the region for years. In 2012 DMC was awarded top retailer in customer service through the mystery customer program.”

Delta Management Corporation has also been a committed employer of “local” staff since opening our first station almost 20 years ago and operate Shell Susupe, Shell Highway Express, Shell Puerto Rico and Shell San Roque. “We have always believed in developing staff locally and have not had a great need to seek employees from off island. We are confident in our philosophy that we can teach most anyone the skills needed to be successful, but we cannot teach personality and attitude. We hire energetic people who are willing to commit to our way of customer engagement and we invest the time and resources to train them.”    

Arenovski indicated “there was the trip and a cash component, we gave the cash to our staff, but Ephrem and I took the trip. This coming year IP&E will also be eligible to send a forecourt and store service champion to the Smiling Stars and we are excited to have our staff participate with the chance to attend and be honored at this event in 2018”.

The Smiling Stars event was spectacular. The first night was an award event held on Ellis Island in New York Harbor with the Statue of Liberty in close view. Participants were treated to a fireworks display with the New York skyline in the back ground with a dinner held in Immigration Hall. The second day included business meetings followed by a New York Yankees baseball game and the final evening and awards ceremony was held at the old Brooklyn Shipyard, now a refurbished business district and were treated to pieces of various Broadway shows and entertainment. There were also the top retailer of the year awards for single and multi-site operators as well as service champions’ awards for the best staff.

“It was an honor to get to attend this event, our staff and Ephrem work very hard each day to deliver great service to the people of Saipan. We have a great team and I am proud of them, they are the reason for our success and they deserve such an honor.” Arenovski added, “there are not many opportunities for NMI residents to work on a ‘World Class’ team so if you have a great attitude and are looking to learn great skills and be on a globally recognized team, stop by any DMC shell station and pick up an application…maybe you will be our next Smiling Stars Service Champion.”

Arenovski and Gaangin were accompanied by IP&E’s vice president of marketing & retail, Bill Ada, territory manager for Saipan and Palau, Bernard Valera, and company operated retail sites manager, Genna Leon Guerrero.