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Check out Sichuan Restaurant’s Noodle Bar

THE Noodle Bar, which opened on Saipan two years ago at Best Sunshine Live in T Galleria, is now at the Sichuan Restaurant.

“People were constantly asking us to expand the Noodle Bar — they said it served some of the best food on Saipan,” according to Lucy Guo, assistant vice president of hospitality and affairs for Imperial Pacific International.

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Braised beef noodle soupBraised beef noodle soup Crispy shrimpCrispy shrimp
DumplingsDumplings Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs.  Contributed photosStir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs. Contributed photos

Guo, who has been on Saipan for 21 years now, said her sister owned a restaurant in China. “I helped her run the establishment. But it was Best Sunshine that gave me the opportunity to manage the Noodle Bar,” she said.

She added that part of her menu planning was getting suggestions from her local friends and customers. “That is why the local population instantly loved the food that we serve.”

Guo said she and her team worked hard to introduce the Noodle Bar to the public, and they appreciate the local community’s patronage.

“There are many local residents coming to eat here. There are tourists, too — Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.”

At Sichuan Restaurant, the Noodle Bar menu is served from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and from 9 p.m. to 11 a.m.

Guo said all the food they offer at the casino can also be ordered at Sichuan Restaurant, including their bestsellers: braised beef noodle soup, sweet and sour fried pork, crispy shrimp, kung pao chicken and hot cabbage.

“The Noodle Bar is different from other Chinese restaurants because we prepare delicious food found all over China and not just from a single region,” Guo said.

Executive chef Chen Hai Song oversees the food preparation for the Noodle Bar. He has worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, and Guo said his expertise in Chinese cuisine is one of the reasons the Noodle Bar is thriving.

“We only use quality ingredients. For example, we only use Angus beef. And everything is fresh,” Guo said.

As for their prices, Guo said, “They are very reasonable and the ample portions can be shared.”