CUC offers 2 alternatives to reduce CHCC’s utility consumption

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THE Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has provided two alternatives to Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. so it can reduce its monthly utility consumption, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

The first alternative is water containment during rainfall events.

CHCC has an extensive roof system that could be modified adequately to capture rainfall runoff for use in hospital facilities, Camacho said.

“Essentially, access to the hospital’s reverse osmosis system with some chlorination added at the beginning in the catchment tank to assure water quality standards may provide some measure of relief from water supply costs charged by CUC,” he added.

The second alternative is reusing water for “gray water” applications.

Camacho said gray water applications have been “used extensively around the world as an alternative for reducing the demand on fresh water sources,” and also “as a way to reduce overall water supply requirement….”

He said the source of gray water is laundry water, showers, and sinks. “The water is filtered to remove solids and then sent back to provide flushing for toilets, irrigation for lawns, exterior washing of driveways, windows and patios,” Camacho said.

“Again, the installation has a price, but it would provide savings over the long term,” he added.

As of Oct. 2, 2019, CHCC owed CUC $32.9 million for utility services.

Camacho said the monthly utility bill of CHCC is about $400,000.

“As I had stated then, without the payment of this obligation, CUC’s ability to efficiently and effectively provide power, water, and wastewater services to the community is affected,” he added.


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