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Palacios not arrested

REPRESENTATIVE Raymond D. Palacios has not been arrested — yet.

Palacios, Covenant-Saipan, was in his office at the legislative building yesterday when news broke out that he was arrested on “ice” charges.

In an interview, the lawmaker said: “Right now even myself I’m confused. I’m getting different information from everyone. I was told that I sold ‘ice’ to one American guy. It was just this past  weekend when I was told and even today, I was told again, that I sold to DEA which I never did. I strongly believe I did not.”

Palacios however, admitted that he “might have used [‘ice’] in the past.”

“But the past is the past. Everybody knows that, even [people] in my precinct, that I might have used it. But honestly I don’t sell, that is the truth,” he said.

He said there were times in the past when a family member would ask him, “Can you get me some?”

“Yes, I may have gotten it for someone, which makes me a buyer, but not a seller because I never sell,” he added.

“If I got from someone, that makes me a buyer myself, which of course I should not be doing because of my position. But I’m just helping out a family member but if we look at it, it is wrong to do it and I regret doing that,” he said.

“But in terms of selling, I never sell. I make that clear to you,” he said.

Asked if his “past” must have given  enforcement agencies a good reason to arrest him, Palacios said: “Almost all of us have done things against the law like smoking marijuana, ‘ice’ or cocaine. We have done all those in the past and we have learned from our mistakes. And right now, to be honest, I’m trying to get things straighten up myself and in fact I’m trying to look positively forward. We have all done things in the past that we regret and did not like but we always try to make sure that we look positively forward and that is what I’m really doing right now.”