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Lenten traditions on Saipan

MANY islanders participated in the Good Friday Mass on Mount Tapochao. Devotees walked from the foot of the mountain to its summit while others carried a big wooden cross which was then erected on the mountain top.


Ana McMahon, a Tongan native, said: “It has been my long wish to witness this event since I moved to Saipan. This is my first time to do so and I felt reassured about my faith in God. Seeing many other devoted Christians coming together to reminisce about their Lord Savior reminds me to have strong faith in God. I wish this event will encourage the rest of the community to believe and have great faith in God.” Devotees observe Good Friday on Mount Tapochao.Devotees observe Good Friday on Mount Tapochao.

McMahon also appreciated the beautiful scenery on Mount Tapochao.

On Saturday morning, volunteers of the non-profit organization Empty Vessel joined members of the Grace Christian Assembly Church to conduct a community outreach activity in Tanapag.

For their part, members of the Saipan Church of Christ helped decorate their church with colorful flowers. They then celebrated their Christian fellowship at Amari’s Tavern where they enjoyed good food, sang karaoke, and prayed together.

One of them said, “Sometimes Christians need time to go out with other fellow Christians to celebrate life and encourage each other about staying faithful  and doing good work for God.” 

On Easter Sunday, parents joined their children in hunting for Easter eggs while others, after attending Mass, gathered on the beach to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To see the author’s live interview with two Saipan residents about how they celebrate Easter go to