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OPINION | How San Francisco is killing its restaurants

SAN Francisco was once known for trendy restaurants with lines out the door. Today, the city’s restaurateurs are concerned with keeping their doors open at all.

OPINION | The endgame in Syria

“The slaughter going on in Syria is not a consequence of American presence. It’s a consequence of a withdrawal and a betrayal by this president of American allies and American values.”
     —Pete Buttigieg, October 15

OPINION | Bernie Sanders is too liberal to get elected in Denmark

IF socialist wannabes in America fail to look at the facts, the United States might finally succumb to socialism.

OPINION | The lazy assertion that tropical storms are caused by climate change

LAST month, Hurricane Dorian had hardly struck the shores of the Bahamas before Twitter began to fill up with comments willing it to carry on and flatten Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago estate in Florida “to teach the climate change denier-in-chief” a lesson.

OPINION | Broken government system

IT comes with a broken college and a broken budget planning in healthcare, and profit first over education funding.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific | The Fog Horn, part 4

“LET’S see what happens,” said McDunn.

Editorials 2019-October-18

Cashing in

WHENEVER someone says that the government should deliver or provide something that “benefits the public,” there is usually no mention of a funding source — or even how the government can afford it.

Variations | American democracy (2)!

TO make American democracy more democratic, H.L. Mencken wrote in “Notes on Democracy (1926),” reformists have proposed the recall, the initiative and referendum, “or something else of the sort,” such as primaries, so that the “final determination of all important public questions…[will] be in the hands of the voters themselves. They alone can muster enough wisdom for the business, and they alone are without guile. The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy.”

OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (53): CNN & GOP’s FOX and failed plans

I SAID in an earlier Epitaph that I would be the CNMI’s CNN to assure that readers get a “constant and weekly dose of education about issues in the CNMI related to our Dead Democracy.”