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Our Oceania: ‘Part of being there for your kids is being healthy'

NON-COMMUNICABLE diseases or NCDs like diabetes, cancer, and hypertension are ravaging the Saipan community. They’ve been doing so for years.

OPINION: Patriarchy defender

“SHAME on you! Shame on you!” chanted protestors after psychology professor Jordan Peterson said he’d refuse to obey a law that would require everyone to call people by the pronoun they prefer — pronouns like “ze” instead of “he” or “she.”

Variations: Legislative alchemy

ON Jan. 20, 1989,  Variety reported that “[l]itter-bugs in the Commonwealth may soon have to scatter and run like bugs in a T.V. commercial if the Littering Control Act of 1989 makes it through the Senate and Executive Branch as it did the House of Representatives Tuesday.”

Editorials 2018-June-22


WHATEVER shred of credibility DPS had as a law enforcement agency has probably been stripped away.

OPINION: Corrective perspective

LONG suffering is called patience. Why is that? Because when you’re in distress you ask God to help you. Not on your time though, but on  God’s own time. Can you wait that long?

Helping your child succeed: Help your children increase their confidence

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) —  A strong self-esteem is the foundation for success in many areas of life — social, educational, athletic and career pursuits.

OPINION: Reversals on immigration policies

PRESIDENT Trump’s immigration policies are tearing families apart but he blames the Democrats for the hot potato issue.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific: Massacre on Bangka Island

IT is one of the more well-known accounts of atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers during the Pacific War.  But how accurate is the version you have heard?