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OPINION: Thanks good CNMI people and a reply to bigots

I CAN’T but to be thankful for the hundreds and possibly thousands of GOOD People in the CNMI who have accepted me, appreciated me and even admired me for speaking out on soooo many issues.

Editorials 2017-Jan-20

An opportunity

IN the states, ahead of the Trump inaugural events, healthcare is a growing concern.

earthrise: Obama’s farewell

OBAMA was the minorities’ president.  Not that he legally favored one race over others, shaded or white, but the White Man on a guilt trip earlier, wanted to redeem himself, so not only did the nation put Obama in the White House, he returned him over the credentials of war hero Sen. John McCain of Arizona.  OK, he had Joe Biden for VP, and McCain had Palin.  Need we say more?  Hi, Sarah!

OPINION: Trump, the media and a cure for hysteria

BEFORE Donald Trump establishes himself in the White House, here’s hoping he does something huge for American journalism.

Variations: Why God put socialists on this planet

“STARK Inequality: Oxfam Says 8 Men as Rich as Half the World.” That’s the headline of a Jan. 16th news story from the Associated Press. Here’s the lead paragraph:

The Consumer Caution Corner: Business scams

THIS week, the Office of the Attorney General’s “Consumer Caution Corner” seeks to educate business owners about how to identify and protect themselves from common scams:

earthrise: The US military

TWO nephews saw action as Marines in the Middle East, with one returning to use the GI Bill through community college, earning a bachelor’s degree. 

OPINION: Scurrilous attacks

ONE wonders how Marianas Variety selects stories for writing and publication.

earthrise: Plastic persona

I REMIND folks that plastic takes 10,000 years to disintegrate, and even when shredded into pieces, its chemical composition remains the same. 

Helping your child succeed: Build a home library to promote reading for the whole family

HAGÅTÑA — Family involvement is a key component of children’s success in reading.