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BC’s Tales of the Pacific: Shark tale from the Solomons

“THREE years ago I was fishing for barracuda and a shark took my line.

OPINION: Transformational lasting change is what the US and the CNMI badly need

WE want the U.S. and the CNMI to have  vibrant economic growth with more job opportunities for local and U.S. citizens. It’s our shared goal.

OPINION: 4 minutes of a massacre that demonstrate why we cannot rely on the police alone

WE know about the FBI getting a direct, detailed tip about Nikolas Cruz and never forwarding it to their Florida personnel.

Variations: D’oh!

THIS is the subhead of Bloomberg’s most recent hit-piece on Imperial Pacific:

Editorials 2018-February-23

In our hearts, in our prayers

IT has been almost seven years since the disappearance of Faloma and her sister Maleina.

OPINION: Senate and governor: it’s nearly 4 years — losing to Guam

A RECENT news article read: “In the face of a dire financial crisis in the government of Guam, Gov. Eddie Calvo has suggested it may be time to start the conversation about legalizing casino gambling and recreational marijuana to raise cash.”

OPINION: Regarding several pieces of legislation

BUENAS yan Hafa Adai Honorable Alice Santos-Igitol, chairwoman, House Committee on Natural Resources, and members!

Helping your child succeed: How to choose books for reading aloud to your child

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — One of the most beneficial things that parents can do for their children’s reading ability is to read aloud to them on a daily basis.

OPINION: Our government is not constructed for competence

AMID all the news reports of red flags raised before the Parkland, Fla., school shooting — of the dozens of police calls to the shooter’s home, his expulsion from school, the widespread belief among students that he was exactly the kind of person who’d go on a killing spree — few things are more haunting than the key passage of the FBI’s admission that it failed.

Young & Informed: Three most important things in life

Everyone has different values in life. I like to think what I value are very simples, but essential to my everyday life. The three things that hold the most importance in my life are my friends, family, and my happiness. Those three factors in my life are most important to me, because each contributes to who I am and how I live.