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Helping your child succeed | Have a productive parent-teacher conference

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Whether your child is in elementary, middle or secondary school, parent-teacher conferences will provide a great opportunity for parents to come together with teach-ers, and discuss the educational performance and progress of their children.

Right direction | Dear Sarah Palin (an open letter)

I AM writing to you to let you know that I am glad that you decided to stay active in poli-tics. Your message — “I can see 2022 from my house” — has given me a lot of reasons of joy and hopes that you will re-enter the political arena as energetic and assertive as you were in 2008.

OPINION | The media fell for Elizabeth Warren’s spin

DO you want to know what media bias looks like?

OPINION | Diabetes in the Northern Marianas Islands

DIABETES is a disease that affects many in these islands.

OPINION | Second chance is for all humans

TODAY I am endorsing the Independents for the sake of all CNMI struggling families who need support from caring leaders.

OPINION | Mariana Trench: More waiting

DEAR people of the Marianas,

OPINION | Whose land?

IT’S political election time and we must dig up dirt, worms, and Pandora’s Box about the political candidates we really don’t cater to.

BC's Tales of the Pacific | What Happened to Larry Hillblom?

WE travel back in time about twenty years for this story, as we look at the bizarre life, death and aftermath of Larry Hillblom. If you lived on Saipan in the Nineties the name will bring back all kinds of memories. If you did not, get ready for one of the strangest tales of the Pacific of all.

Variations | Our choice

THIS conversation supposedly happened recently:

Editorials 2018-October-12

Eternal hope

INDEPENDENT House candidate Tina Sablan of Precinct 2 has released her campaign finance report and statement of financial interest ahead of the Nov. 6 elections.