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OPINION | Japan opens its doors to foreign labor

SINCE April 2019, the Japanese government has started to expand its immigration program to increase the number of blue-collar foreign workers arriving in the country. But much more needs to be done to sustain Japan’s economy.

Single Stepper World Walt’s Friday Life Rhyme #487

“DO you think it’s because I’m a woman?” she asked curiously.

OPINION | Apparently, Bernie Sanders doesn’t know the difference between revenue and profit; and he wants to run the economy

ON Tuesday, morning, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted out his support for efforts to unionize the video game industry. He did so in a fashion truly appropriate for the man — one that made it clear that he doesn’t always grasp basic economics:

Editorials 2019-June-21

The goal

A BURGLAR wouldn’t break into a house if he knows there’s nothing inside to steal.

Variations | Pssst! Need a business plan?

THESE are measures no sane household or business entity would consider, but are warmly embraced by many of us when proposed for the entire Commonwealth: impose higher costs and more restrictions on revenue generating activities, and just take other people’s money.

Right Direction | Death of a managing editor: Eulogy for Barry Randall


The news of Barry Randall's premature passing into the darkness came as a terrible shock and immense pain for me.

OPINION | The NMI economy

NO, it is not the “It’s the economy, stupid!,” nor is it politics, but it is the stupids in “we” all.   The stupids in “we” that caused all financial malaise of the commonwealth government in answer to former NMI Supreme Court Chief Justice Jose S. Dela Cruz’s and my NMD-rights warrior friend Daniel O. Quitugua’s concerns.

OPINION | The making of NMI sheroes/heroes & kudos

I WAS inspired to write this by two recent news articles on a CNMI SHERO and HERO.

OPINION | Epitaph of NMI democracy (26): The questions & the answers

ONE of the greatest Presidents in modern times once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country”?

OPINION | Failure is not an option

THE recent implementation of austerity measures by our government came as a surprise for many people.  The budget shortfall was blamed on a few obvious reasons, the biggest being the devastation by Typhoon Yutu in October of last year as well as the massive dip in our tourism arrivals.