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OPINION | CNMI self-government: The need to right our ship of state

ABOUT two weeks ago, the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands issued, at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, search warrants with respect to the office of Gov. Ralph Torres, the Torres Brothers LLC law firm, the Legend Realty real estate company, and the financial office of Imperial Pacific International on Saipan, among others.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific | Marie Castro and Amelia Earhart

IF both of these names are familiar to you, then you no doubt are familiar with the organization known as the Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument, Incorporated.  If not, let me introduce you.  But first, a little history.

Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 62: Kandit’s Kamera exposes crime & election vote getter

I CAN’T help but to be amazed at Kandit News for their reporting of things in the CNMI that WE the People should have known about from our Local news outlets.

OPINION | The backward march of civilization

OUR age likes to believe in the inevitability of human progress, but for an example of the opposite consider the Pacific island nation of Samoa. A measles outbreak there has already killed more than 60 people, and authorities declared a two-day curfew on Thursday and Friday.

OPINION | Will Bloomberg buy the election?

IF Joe Biden falters, the received wisdom runs, nominating Michael Bloomberg to head the Democratic ticket would boost the party’s chances next November by pitting a strong, credible moderate against Donald Trump.

OPINION | Is Gov. Ralph Torres really a liar, a cheat or a fraud?

THE last time I asked this rhetorical question was about six months ago and I left the answer to readers for their conclusion.

Editorials 2019-December-05

We are concerned

THE House tourism committee chairman should be concerned about the suspension of flights from three key destinations in China which is now one of the NMI’s major tourism markets.

Variations | The more things change…

WILL Lloyd of The Spectator — a British magazine first published in 1828 — says we’re now in the age of LOLitics.