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OPINION: The contextual reality of the present time for the people of the Marianas: Chamorros and Carolinians

WATER can cut a large piece of rock out of a mountain — Old Man By The Sea — not because of its strength, rather because of its persistence. (Author Unknown.)

earthrise: Kowtow and queue

THE two words in our title are terms that made their way into the OED.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific: Where can I hear island music?

SOMETIMES I feel like listening to the music of the islands. 

earthrise: Quran

THE recitations. That’s what the Koran/Quran means.  It is similar in standing as a text to the Jewish Torah and the Christian Gospels.  Of course, the idolatry of the three books, or to what they pointed to, did not take long to develop.

The consumer caution corner: Using credit

THIS week, the Office of the Attorney General’s “Consumer Caution Corner” seeks to educate consumers about using credit and what factors impact one’s credit history.

Editorials 2017-March-24

Voters want an independent not a rubber stamp AG’s office

CNMI voters opted for an elected attorney general because an appointed AG seemed to be more wedded to his boss and his policies than protecting the commonwealth and its interests.

Variations: Figures

THE federal government budget in fiscal year 2015 was $3.8 trillion.

OPINION: Free trade puts America first

I WOULD venture to say that in the USA there is a consensus for making “America First.”

Helping your child succeed: How to raise a nice child

HAGÅTÑA — Most parents want their children to grow up to be kind and content individuals who do not bully or put down other people.

OPINION: America’s ignorant media

HAS the media gotten worse? Or am I just grouchier?