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Opinionated: On becoming a little woman

MY tenure as a woman is short. The most generous estimates put me at a five-year mark. So what wisdom can I offer to young women transitioning into college?

OPINION: Forget about your passion. (Advice for new grads)

POPULAR culture teaches that finding your passion is a major ingredient for career success. When Marsha Sinetar published her 1989 book “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow,” she probably had no idea of the millions who’d come to see her book title as solid career advice. What if that advice is wrong?

OPINION: Truth justice and consequences!

THERE is a saying that “the truth will set you free” and the wisdom of this phrase speaks volumes as to how we should live and function in every way of life and in our interactions with each other.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific: The Man from Snowy River, part 1

THERE was movement at the station, for the word had passed around

OPINION: Talking to the other side

I’VE had a number of conversations recently that convince me our country is divided into two political camps separated by a deep and uncomfortably wide gap.

Variations: Regarding federalization and CW issues

THOSE who opposed federalization “predicted” that its implementation would result in the collapse of the NMI economy. It didn’t. Haha.

Editorials 2017-May-26

Arithmetic is optional

ECONOMIC development is dependent on labor, land and capital. In the CNMI, the current labor shortages are caused by the restrictions imposed by federal statute limiting the number of foreign workers entering the islands.

The Consumer Caution Corner: Security tips for wireless connections, Bluetooth and passwords

AS access to wireless internet soars, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections have become vulnerable points of access for illegal activity.

Mindful Musings: Coping with depression’s cycles of wellness and relapse

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) —  May is Mental Health Month, a month that we should all be mindful of as both physical and mental well being are important for a good life.

OPINION: GOP budget dead on arrival

PRESIDENT Trump promised not to touch Social Security or Medicare, but his new budget tells a different story and if by chance it passes the U.S. Congress, it will devastate the states and the territories.