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OPINION: Waikiki of Hawaii

THE first sights I noticed when I first came by Honolulu on a U.S. President Lines in 1995 on my way to school in Kentucky were the pink structures of Tippler on the hill, and the Sheraton hotel in Waikiki.

OPINION: Elizabeth Warren’s big power grab

SENATOR Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has introduced legislation that would radically overhaul corporate governance in America, requiring that the largest (over $1 billion) companies obtain revocable charters from the federal government to do business, instituting rules reminiscent of German-style co-determination under which workers would be entitled to at least 40 percent representation on boards of directors, placing directors under a fiduciary obligation to serve “stakeholders” as opposed to owners as currently, prohibiting political expenditures by corporations unless approved by at least 75 percent of directors and shareholders, and restricting directors and officers from reselling incentive stock within five years.

OPINION: The dangers of naïve faith in big government

LAST week the New York Times reported that Puerto Rican authorities had discovered at least ten trailers full of food, medicine, and baby supplies that were left to rot as a result of government ineptitude in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. At this point, news stories about such incompetence are so commonplace that the Times’s scoop barely elicited a yawn.

BC’s Tales of the Pacific: As cats will do: A story of extinction

THE islands of the Pacific are a wonderland for scientists.  We are always finding new plant and animal species.  Sometimes, because of geographic isolation, we find a new animal that is found nowhere else in the world.

Variations: The uncanny wisdom of Sir Vidia

WHEN 88-year-old Robert Frost died in 1963, John Berryman’s reaction was, “It’s scary. Who’s number one? ... Cal is number one, isn’t he?” referring to Robert Lowell.

OPINION: Hong Kong’s Fragrance Harbor

I REMEMBER the Chinese Methodist congregation between Wan Chai and Argyle when it was but a quaint British structure along with the then new tenement houses of the island.

OPINION: An intolerable opinion

WITH election season in full swing and political side-taking at an all time high, one of the issues being discussed both here and abroad, over backyard “beerbecues” and Facebook fracases is that of tolerance.

Editorials 2018-August-17

The trustee’s right

THE Settlement Fund trustee is concerned about the bill to create a new retirement system for government employees, and how it could affect the CNMI’s ability to comply with the settlement agreement.

OPINION: Stand up for US workers

U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan submitted the following privileged statement for publication in the Congressional Record during the pro forma session of the U.S. House of Representatives on August 14, 2018.

The case for the Northern Islands: Digging through the record

AUGUST 9th marked the hearing of a legal battle that strikes close to home: Tinian Women Association et al v. United States Department of the Navy et al, a lawsuit which will determine whether the military violated the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA when it made its decision to relocate thousands of Marines from Okinawa to Guam.