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OPINION: Ignorance is bliss with comments about legalization

ONLY the good, honest and objective online commenters will use their real name.

This reply to “comments” made about my letter on our Readiness for Legalization is the main reason the “cyber rats” don’t want to use their full name in the comment section. One of the main reasons I like to reply to the commenters is because they ALWAYS offer a “teaching opportunity” as we say in Education Circles. I am sure readers will agree “Richard” is truly ignorant about what he is talking about and he even loves being ignorant once they read this reply to his comment.

1. Richard started off his comments by saying: “It is not the governments job to help local growers of marijuana” — well, isn’t the government responsible for helping and even providing the infrastructure for farmers of vegetables to be sold so why not marijuana growers who will bring in ten-times as much as the existing agriculture, duh! He doesn’t know that marijuana cultivation is just FARMING like any other agriculture activity. Where is he getting this “twisted” and “prejudice” thinking?

2. He said “Remember even though you may legalize it, certain amounts are still against Federal Law.” I think the other readers who read the same article saw where I gave an example of the Feds’ practices to step in and make arrest so what’s with this comment. NOTHING just hate for the messenger!

3. He said: “Please look at Colorado and California where banks refuse to help the growers in fear of breaking federal law.” I have already written about this and most readers including the Legislature knows that we have several Banks that ARE NOT under the FDIC who can accommodate the money from our Cannabis Industry, HELLER!

4. He went on to say: “If you want marijuana so bad move out of the CNMI. We already have Met/ICE alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, Betel nut, lack of mental facilities and lack of treatment centers. Just don’t understand the need for your greed.” He is writing to me without any concern for the thousands in the CNMI who want marijuana legalized just to throw a rock at me, ha ha! He also doesn’t seem to know that marijuana is the least dangerous and the least addictive when compared to alcohol, cigarettes, ice and possibly betel nut so his ignorance is truly bliss for him. He even accuses me of “greed” when I myself would like to see how I’m going to make anything out of legalization other than WORKING for pay which is the American way. He is hating and throwing rocks at me that clearly miss but they’re flying back to him.

5. But there is more that is even more funny: He went on to say: “Also if you look at results in Colorado Emergency room visits sky rocketed.” This was attributed to “WHAT” but certainly not solely because of marijuana use unless they violated the “dosage recommendation.” He concluded by saying: “they are finding Chinese individuals are coming in trying to take over the Colorado marijuana industry.” I guess he doesn’t know the Chinese are figuratively taking over our Tourist Industry to a large degree and he obviously didn’t understand my plea for the Local Growers to be helped and included in the marijuana cultivation so “big business” would NOT drive them out, can you believe this guy.

6. Finally he says: “Please Legislators take your time, do your research, stop listening to the vocal sub culture and listen to your elders listen to what is right for the island not a few individuals.” The Senate sent ME to do the research in Colorado so why shouldn’t they listen to me, you are clearly hating on me calling me a “sub-culture” so only prayers can help YOU and your bigotry. I also wonder can he read or did he just ignore what I wrote as I mentioned how “time is not our friend and how we don’t want to be like Guam two years after legalization with no crops or dispensaries.” He also asked the redundant question of “where are the resources going to come from?” when I have explained on more than one occasion that if the Legislature will follow the recommendation I made for the HEMP Licenses to cost 3 million each the CNMI will have a potential of 12 million to start the Cannabis Industry.

7. He concludes by saying: “So many questions with so few answers,” which tells me he hasn’t read and understood much of what I have wrote or the Bill given his ignorant comments.

“I was never a great fisherman and I never played Cricket but I just reeled you in” Richard and thanks for providing the Teaching Moment. Feel free to ask some more ignorant questions if you like because I love the Art of teaching especially to hard-headed and prejudiced adults.

One people one direction for Legalization and never-mind the ignorance of the uninformed who only offer hate and ill-informed questions but no solutions.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.