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OPINION: Ai adai, Attorney King is so right — I told you so!

THIS is really ANOTHER one of my I TOLD YOU SOs as I told members of the Legislature and the Board of Education as far back as 2007 that we (the CNMI) needed a REAL SYSTEMIC PLAN for the CW Transition.

But instead of doing the WORK we went down the path of trying to “starve-off” the Federal Government on our CW transition like we did with minimum wage and just conducted business as usual. Attorney King was soooo right in that we should have worked within the U.S. Immigrations Framework as far back as 2007 when we KNEW the day would come for the CW Program to END! “A failure to plan is a plan for failure” and that fact was never more obvious in our attempt to do more work and pleading for “extensions” than actually formulating a comprehensive plan for a smooth transition.

For a while I actually thought that our Governor was going to be able to intercede in the loss of our CWs though his “courtship with the President” but that is even starting to look futile. But I will say he did give it his BEST shot after inheriting the Executorship so late in the CW game figuratively. I think the Governor would be wise to seriously consider adopting Att. King’s solution if for nothing more than to have a “Plan-B” which should have been “Plan-A” duh! Politics should also NOT play into the decision of the Governor to simply follow the existing “Framework” as it will help PROVE our argument that we need some CWs but if he doesn’t it could come back to haunt him if there is no more head-way with his present approach. I even TOLD our leaders that the CNMI needed to implement some form of “Affirmative Action for Locals” to insure maximum local contribution to the workforce but that requires WORK! But instead local people still have to apply for the same jobs WITH CWs making locals compete against CWs for jobs which doesn’t make any sense at all if we are truly trying to put all locals to work FIRST —

HELLER is anyone listening!

I also told leaders, voters and businesses years ago that we really can’t DEPEND on Kilili because he is for Kilili FIRST and he is depending on others in Congress to do things for him & us. I have no doubt that Kilili is giving the CW challenge his all-and-all effort but sometimes “your best is just not good enough” when competing for things especially in the U.S. Congress as everybody WANTS something for THEIR constituents and Kilili doesn’t even have a vote to offer nor is he a REAL Democrat or Republican — no genuine Political Real Estate in Congress. However, had we developed a REAL Plan in working with the Military on their needs in the CNMI instead of just saying NO Kilili might have been able to do like Guam’s Delegate and got the Military to “weigh-in” on our need for CWs as part of their infrastructure needs but all of that would have taken real commitment and WORK! All of our Politics with our-fathers-in-Washington are connected but that was never recognized. I have said on tooo many occasions and more recently with the inadequate 53 page SB-20-62 that the CNMI does not like to do the WORK and now the “chickens are coming home to roost” with the CW issue figuratively just like they did with the minimum wage issue.

I can remember back in 2007, when I was being interviewed for the Commissioner’s position answering one of the Board’s question about what I would do. I told the Board, “I would do my best to make sure that PSS was a LEADER in the CW Transition by becoming more of an Academic/Vocational Institution with a Public Service Program that was researched based and PROVEN successful in Mexico where most youth don’t attend college” which is HOW Mexico develops MOST of its workforce. This Voluntary Program would give employers “FREE trainee employees and students would get Graduation Credits, On-the-Job Training and a Guaranteed Job after graduation replacing a CW” which was a PERFECT solution!

There could literally be “THOSANDS” of graduating students in the workforce by now a decade later who would have REPLACED a CW instead of seeking a better life on the mainland but our leaders didn’t even TRY to stop the bleeding of our youth leaving. The Vocational Institute started by my late friend Mr. Pellegrino was futuristic at the time but too small to fill the void for multiple Systemic Vocational Programs which is why they finally realized it needs to be a BIG part of PSS. I Told You So a decade ago duh! But it’s obvious I wasn’t chosen to be the Commissioner and the “SYSTEMIC Solution” I offered for students and our Government was never even considered. Maybe TIME circumstances will change some minds now.

I recognized the CW problem and even provided a solution almost a decade ago but as usual “I’m ahead-of-the-times” and nobody listens which is WHY I have been able to say “Time is on MY Side and I TOLD YOU SO” on SOOOO many issues. Our leaders have figuratively gotten and “F” on the CW issue with this REAL test of LIFE and Politics in the CNMI. I even mentioned the plan more recently but too many Local Leaders DO NOT LIKE me because I’m more outspoken than they are, I can see father over the horizon than they can see and they REALLY don’t like me telling them what they should do but they will ask for my vote. I warned them about the Garment Industry leaving 5 years before it happened and they did NOTHING. They continue to refuse to adopt PROVEN solutions and they won’t even listen to our-fathers-in-Washington but they will BEG for Federal Funding – it’s called arrogance and prejudice and now We the People will pay the price for their behavior. The PEOPLE and BUSINESSES have to pay for their rejection of a real solution that was given a decade ago -sad. However, being a retired teacher I KNOW that you must sometime “reinforce and even reteach” before they get the concept or the point because my “I Told You So(s)” are no joke!

Thank You Attorney King and I’m sure there are many citizens and businesses who are hopeful that the Governor will take your suggestions seriously because it will at least give us a real Plan B to WORK on IF they will do the WORK. I keep telling the Governor and members of the Legislature they NEED me on the Hill which I prove every time I say I Told You So. I even helped our Senate President to run for office on more than one occasion but now he won’t even return my phone calls — he is in power now and don’t need my help! But some leaders actually WANT my help but you can bet that the majority in power of the powers-that-be on the Hill and at PSS will never ask for my help and will even act like they didn’t even read my previous opinions or this opinion nor what Att. King said. Ignoring good solutions for personal reasons and political partisanship only makes it harder on the People and businesses which is why I feel Sooooo MUCH for the good People of the CNMI. Toooo many of our leaders still haven’t learned to ALWAYS listen to the teacher just because they are adults with biases and think they are smarter now when scriptures even tell us “we can learn from our children and even the ANTs” who are One Colony with ALL working TOGETHER. They don’t know it but they can KEEP ignoring me which is immortalizing me more than themselves because I will KEEP saying I Told You So! One People one direction for Attorney King’s visa solution combined with a Public Service Education Program for a complete CW Transition Plan!

PS: Readers should also IGNORE the comments by tarklejr and the other hatters of me and Legalization as they continue to twist the facts and ignore things I have already said just to throw a rock at me. Prayers for THEM! They don’t understand that cross-breeding marijuana creates a NEW Strain, nor do they know what a “vice” is and what JC told us about “wine” which he drank in moderation, nor do they KNOW that seeds ARE only used for breeding new strains in Colorado and other states. FYI tarkleir and his friends, everyone educated about marijuana KNOW it IS NOT a DRUG but a natural herb as ALL DRUGS are “man-made by synthesizing natural herbs, roots, flowers, plants and sea life into a man-made DRUG” — get educated you! You guys are literally DINOAURS when it comes to growing Pot as the only way to get the exact same strain consistently is to clone, duh! I’m also very GLAD to see you admit I make you mad tarklejr it’s a pleasant thought for me!