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Ckatricia’s Corner: Life itself, is a trip

WHETHER “ours” or for “our kids.” The fact that we have lives’ to be responsible for is an expedition; a never ending journey.

The best way to enjoy it is by seizing every other second in between, to be grateful for everything and everyone around us. Almost like attaining the thrill from playing a game or in a sport, we get carried away with the anticipation to win. Despite knowing that we must gain that triumph, our focus is zoomed within just our prospect; just the knowledge and the things in our reach. In this route, we forget to make way for others to have a piece of life’s sweetness: real victory. What do you do after your biggest win? Do you just sit back and expect the universe to cultivate you for the success made by ‘your effort’ though out your remaining existence? Or do you gear up to enter the next higher level?

The person who thinks his understanding to life is all the knowledge he should ever attain and lean on, will later down the line find himself asking, “What is life about?” maybe, “I’ve come to know so much. I’ve experienced the worst. What do I have to lose? What’s the worst I would experience?” then, after many matters not going at his favor. “Hmmm, why not.” Drugs. Zone out from reality. Habit. Uncontrolled. Crime. Incarcerated. Crime. Incarcerated. 1st Degree. Life in prison.

More people who get sentenced to life prioritize seeking wisdom than half of the people who are free in nature: liberated to making decisions. It’s so sad that we choose to seek help only when we’ve been declared we can’t have any. If we can’t live for ourselves, we can live for others to try to live for themselves. Get high off of reality. Life itself, is a trip. Enter another world by reading a book. If reality is too hard to cope with, wouldn’t tripping in another dimension be useless? I mean, at the end of your high, you’ll still wake to natures truth. Using drugs…would that not be a sign of weakness? That which seems as if you can’t hack the realness to life? Drug dealers don’t use their products because they know of the danger, so why be a puppet? Jumping on the bandwagon or just using drugs because you can afford it? Use up your money to feed people, promote Christ, explore nature, or seek out wisdom, buy and donate books. Endless list of good deeds, rather than the act to cater to your emotions for the worst. This Christmas, live Christmas. Feel Christ through the choices you make.