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OPINION: NMC’s founding mother

FIRST I want to thank Rep. Edwin Aldan who disagrees with Fernandez because if anyone deserves to be immortalized at NMC it is Mrs. Agnes McPhetres and even her husband too! One can’t discuss the founding and history of NMC without including both of the McPhetres could. It is also a lie that the naming of a building will affect NMC’s accreditation.

Thanks to Rep. Lorenzo Deleon Guerrero who pointed out that a building within the NMC campus was previously named after someone as well. Rep. John Paul Sablan, who was acting chair in the absence of Rep. Ivan A. Blanco, did table the bill while their legal counsel reviews NMC’s claim. But for me, NO ONE and NO Institution is above the LAW! I’m sure the Lawyer will find that the Constitution requires NMC to follow the Law just like it does with PSS which is also autonomous.

Agnes McPhetresAgnes McPhetres

Given the rejection of the Bill it is really the responsibility of the Board and not the President which raises the question why didn’t the Board and its President take on this issue? There is nothing wrong with Ms. Fernandez supporting the Board’s efforts but the Board needs to be leading on this issue and she needs to stop “kissing-up” to the Board and taking on THEIR responsibilities when it comes to Legislation. Stop the NMC Politics. If the Board wants to have the power to “ignore or reject legislation” then maybe We the People need to change the Constitution because we will have the bigger problem of a Government Institution having “absolute power with NO checks & balances by our Legislative and Executive Branches.” The Board should really be ashamed of themselves on this one as YOU are the real culprits letting Fernandez take the heat when it’s a “Governance issue not an Institutional matter.”

But more importantly this is about Mrs. McPhetres who is literally the “Founding Mother of NMC” and toooo often We the People wait until people are dead to truly recognize them and give them the credit they are due. BUT they are dead and can’t witness this phenomena. In the church where I grew up literally we had an “Anniversary Celebration for our Pastor” every year and the theme was always “Give Them the Flowers While they Live” that was always complemented with a song using the words from the theme. Mrs. McPhetres more than deserves a building being named after her as there should be a “statue” too! Who are these Board Members?

The practice or paradigm of recognizing people after they are dead needs to change too begin recognizing these GREAT People while they live when possible so they can see for themselves the appreciation for their efforts to make life or something better on planet Earth. Just to share part of the song that was song for our Pastor & Wife: “give them the flowers while they live, trying to cheer them on. Oh…useless the flowers, after they’re gone, all we can do is mourn.” Meaning we should do more while they live. More food for thought. Just think, wouldn’t it have been GREAT to have given the late and GREAT Bishop Camacho a “CNMI Wide Anniversary Party with a Statue or something Permanent” while he lived so he could have witnessed our love first-hand especially when we knew he was sick and getting close to the front of the line for leaving us — a missed opportunity that we (human society) should learn from to give them the flowers while they live and don’t wait until they are dead. Those people who were complaining about the Earhart Monument and the need for Locals to be immortalized in a Monument now have a chance to speak up and support the Monumental Effort to “Immortalize” Mrs. Agnes McPhetres, the Founding Mother of NMC who is a GREAT Local Educator and Social Leader of the CNMI.

The Board may have very well opened a can of worms by complaining about the Law just like the CWs did when they asked for Federal Intervention and look what happened to the CWs. Their days are now numbered. I Told the CWs not to seek Federal Intervention and now I’m telling NMC they need to volunteer to name the building or it could lead to MORE Legislation dictating NMC to do things. I know there are MANY People and Leaders who are sick and tired of NMC and Accreditation failures because NMC IS NOT progressing like it should to become a full four-year College which is the REAL Challenge of their accreditation work — the ability to GROW and IMPROVE and nothing to do with the name of a building. One people one direction for giving her the flowers while she lives in the “Agnes McPhetres Building” at NMC!

The author is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.