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OPINION: All for Peter and nothing for Paul politics!

I AM sure there are many readers who have heard the phrase “robbing Peter to pay Paul” which is what is figuratively happening to Peter (Rota) in the recent decision to give Saipan & Tinian 13 million but not a penny for Rota.

I submit that Rota’s decline in the number of citizens was the prime factor driving this decision because the small voting numbers will have very little effect on WHO will actually run and have the POWER in the CNMI. I know some will try to make this about the Senator, the 400 thousand Luta issue and some of everything BUT helping the people of Rota and to put it in simple terms “it’s the ugly unchecked power politics of the CNMI”.

Rota was only asking for 3.846 dollars of every hundred dollars that Saipan and Tinian will split from the 13 million — the Legislature should be ashamed to be sooooo GREEDY simply because they have a GOP Super-Majority of the POWER and even the former independent politicians are joining just so they can win. GREED is a deadly sin especially when it is wrapped in POWER and we know that “power corrupts and absolute power will absolutely corrupt.”  I’m sure anyone with common sense and objective & fair mind will see how GREED is really showing its ugly face with this truly unfair treatment of Rota. With behavior like this it is easy to see why Rota is suffering so much from the lack of funding due to its shortage of Political Real Estate.  But I truly believe that ONE DAY the true reality about Rota will emerge as Rota is the TRUE Gateway to the CNMI. The Chamorro Culture was and still may be the strongest on Rota, Rota is situated closer to Guam and the majority of Tourist too the Marianas, Rota’s life style is more representative of the archaic island life style that many tourists want to experience for relaxing and enjoying the sites and ocean.  Many tourist would actually prefer islands like Rota & Tinian over the island of Saipan and Guam which are now full of traffic and even traffic jams.  But Rota does not have the infrastructure to get tourists nor the basic food commodities and other supplies to the island — if only Rota could get a little REAL HELP with their Tourism as Rota should get a lot more than they are asking! Furthermore saying Rota gets some funding from MVA does NOT mean they are getting ENOUGH as they NEED ALL THEY CAN GET to improve the quality of life and to improve their Tourism Industry.

Given that the split of the 13 million is PURE Politics I am wondering why the Senators from Rota and Tinian didn’t stick together as they have in the past to make sure they got their fair share. I guess the saying is true that “politics can create some STRANGE bed-fellows” because it should be about the ALL the People and not just some. Asking Rota to wait is like asking them to wait for progress and everyone knows that Rota needs the help the MOST!  It reminds me of how people with disabilities were once put at the end of the priority line figuratively until there was a great awakening as to how ugly our society had been treating people with disabilities. Well, there needs to be an awakening for Rota as it is common knowledge that Rota is truly facing desperate times with far more heart-ships than Saipan or Tinian. Why make those who are worse off wait the longest for help – its ka du ku!  If this was a critical budget issue and there was a shortage of funds I could understand it but this is about dividing up EXTRA money which proves its more about GREED, POWER and POLITICS, for TRUE!

Walking out on what was clearly a Political Ambush was just one way of “protesting and making a statement” as we might not have heard about it until it was over if the Senator hadn’t walked out. But it also means he lives to fight another day for bringing attention to this issue for the People of Rota given he seems to be the main one fighting for the funding.  Anyway, taking from Rota to give to Saipan and Tinian who are better off is just not right and it’s even UGLY!  My mother offered me only one phrase of wisdom when we had our twins when she said: “don’t do for one that you won’t do for the other.” I hope the Senate will take heed of this PURE empirical wisdom when it comes to dividing money between the islands of the CNMI. I think most citizens always want our leaders to DO-the-RIGHT- THING and I’m sure virtually no one on Tinian or Saipan would want to be in the difficult shoes of the People on Rota so “let’s get real about this and stop the politics of greed” — are we not our brother’s keeper??? One people one direction for the equal and fair growth of our only industry (Tourism) on all the CNMI islands and the welfare of ALL the People in the CNMI!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.