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MCS celebrates MMB legacy with poetry

(MCS) — Mount Carmel School is joining the continuing celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the arrival of the Merdedarian Missionaries of Berriz, or the MMB sisters, on Saipan. The school recently held a series of contests that invited students to reflect on the impact of the MMB sisters on Saipan and their school. Winners will be announced during a special May 4th mass for May Crowning. Featured in this article are finalists for the poetry contest are middle school students Robin Alvarez, Lynzey Green, and Hannah Lacap.

Blessed Margarita Maria Maturana, the founder of the Mercedarian Missionaries of Berriz. MCS photo

Along with Father Arnold Bendowski, the MMB sisters were the founding mothers of the school who served as teachers and administrators when the school opened in 1952. Over the years, the MMB sisters have continued to help as teachers, facilitators for student retreats, and spiritual advocates who keep the school in their prayers.

To honor the work the MMB sisters have done, the school challenged students to reflect on the theme, “The MMB Legacy: Looking Back and Looking Forward, What Will Your Mission Be?”

by Robin Alvarez

You have sailed far,

Out into other worlds.

To spread the word of God,

For many centuries to come.

You built many churches and schools,

To teach the children of God.

To know his good deeds,

You inspired many of us.

Because of your doings,

We had our only Catholic school on island.

We got to know you well,

From a place on the other side of the world.

God has called you,

To be his servants.

That your one and only job,

Is to teach us about our mysterious God.

It has been 90 years since your voyage,

To travel around the world.

We hope you will do this,

For many centuries to come.

by Lynzey Green

A community of devoted women,

who gave up everything to travel land and sea;

to spread the good news;

to implant seeds of God in people; to grow beautiful human beings.

A community of loving, nice, helpful women,

who had nothing to gain

but helping others grow and prosper

become stronger in their faith.

They traveled all over

to a small island called Saipan;

They traveled all over

to lend a helping hand

Like a four leaf clover,

special and rare

they worked so hard they had no time to spare.

On March 4, 90 years ago

Five women far from home arrived on Saipan and got right down to task.

No time to waste; time raced

with a new mission at hand

they planned to do as God commanded

to teach, to preach, to let others know,

give young girls knowledge to grow, grow, grow!

They have made many achievements here on Saipan;

being the building blocks of our island’s Catholic faith,

creating institutions that still lie here today.

They were fierce, brave, dependent woman,

their work of pilgrimage will never be forgotten;

it holds a special place in our hearts,

that set them apart from the rest to be the best of the best!

by Hannah Lacap

The love of God is what they believed in

The love that Christ gave them

The love that inspired them to keep moving forward

Moving everywhere, spreading the word

Of God

Gaining followers from around the world.

Wanting to spread His teaching even more

They moved to Saipan.

It was a struggle trying to stay safe.

War and danger surrounded them.

Dodging bullets and bombs everywhere

They went.

Many lives were lost and some injured.

Yet they still kept on going

Knowing that God was still with them.

If the war couldn’t stop them

What could?

Many years later, we students visit

Their home to build a strong

Relationship with God every year

And ever since then,

We have always enjoyed our time

With the sisters

They’ve taught us how to love

And forgive

They’ve taught us how to work together

And maybe inspired some of us to

Be like them

Their work is very important to our school

They inspire us with the amazing deeds

They’ve performed

Showing us that anything is possible with the

Help of our Lord

And that He can help

Us with our calling to our true vocation

And ever since then,

They’ve been one of  Mount Carmel’s

Greatest friends.