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OPINION: Wake up and start smelling the coffee of Best Sunshine

THIS is to respond to Pat Guerrero’s political incorrectness comments.

The fact is, I submitted my employment application to the government in October of 2016, and it took one year and four months to get employment from CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management. 

The social norm as with everyone else who have just arrived on island is to reestablish his or her living condition. Of course you would want to search for  employment opportunities.  Fortunately, I was hired by the government, but not based on the spoils system (who you know), but the merit system (what you know) in a competitive hiring selection process. 

The difference between me and anyone else: I did turn in an employment application.  I wanted to work and I got selected for a job.  I chose to provide community public service, and to contribute as a taxpayer and help our economy grow. 

On another note, I want to express my opinion regarding economic stability.  A few selective individuals have been spreading negative publicity about our Chinese investors.  Best Sunshine is doing great things to sustain economic stability for the people of the Mariana Islands.  We must wake up  and start smelling the coffee. This company has done more than enough to fund government operation so it can provide effective and efficient public services. It has signed public land lease agreements and is paying business gross revenue  taxes among other things.   It has opened doors of opportunities for our people, ranging from employment, paying your utility bills, islandwide beautification projects and forming a partnership with the mayor’s office and assisting in equipment resources.  The truth is, I have never heard of a private company that would shoulder public expenses in order to alleviate public suffering.  We should be grateful and thankful for the many blessings we have received and the much needed assistance coming from this company.  They are building public trust, community partnership and is now a stakeholder in our commonwealth.   

Without their existence, our economy will still be stagnant and will not move forward.  We have in our hands an economic engine that is creating  an economic boom and preventing economic failures.  Without investors, our people will experience hardships and will depend on government subsidies.  We will have a high unemployment rate, lack of medical professionals, no money for medical referrals, layoffs in all government agencies, budget shortfalls and lack of resources affecting all government entities, increase in crime and overflow of inmates at the correctional facility. The student-teacher ratio will increase, and we will be stuck with a declining budget that cannot sustain functional government operations. It will  finally result in bankruptcy.  We need investors to function effectively. 

On the issue of immigration, the CNMI has no control over who is coming in and who is exiting.  It’s not the CNMI government that decides who comes in. It’s the responsibility of the U.S. which also handles the CW program. The CNMI government can only request for contract workers and it’s USCIS that decides to approve or reject applications. 

As for allegations of corruption,  the FBI should look into them.

But this is an honest administration that complies with the Open Government Act and is transparent. 

The only time we should look back is to see how far we have gone so we can be inspired to be the best that we want to be. Don’t change for anyone, just change for yourself and support this present administration and allow it to continue leading us toward economic prosperity.

Pat, let’s join hands and help our people build our economy and work for the betterment of you and I and our families and our community.

The author is a resident of San Antonio, Saipan.