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OPINION: Not finger pointing — it’s accountable governance at CHCC

I WAS going to leave the KCHC & CHCC issue alone and wait to see what the CHCC Board was going to do until I read a letter about “moving on and stopping the finger pointing”.

I respect everyone’s opinion and hopefully it will be reciprocal but I beg to disagree with just letting this all go and moving on like nothing ever happened. Yes, some may want to just let it go but there are others who want and even demand to see some accountability. Heck, U.S. regular folks are held accountable for all kinds of things so why can’t people in power be held accountable. To say that no one should be held accountable for something of the magnitude that adversely affected people’s healthcare in what happened with the KCHC is ludicrous. Most people have the expectations for our Governance Systems to make sure someone is held accountable and that nothing like this ever happens again in any form. The clinic is back in operation at their building but much of the resources have be taken so the dilemma is only half-way resolved just like I warned in my previous opinion.

Yes, it was embarrassing for the KCHC to be locked and closed after Muna and CHCC Board PROMISED to work with KCHC for a smooth transition — they LIED! There are some hard questions that still need to be answered as they are important OVERSIGHT questions for accountability in assigning the blame for the mistake(s), error, or omission causing the fiasco. If Muna can get away with this it just PROVES why we have to depend on the Feds to step in and get rid of those corrupting our systems of governance and our way of life because those who are in power with Political Real Estate Connections are rarely held accountable, TRUE!  If the Feds were willing to give KCHC sole authority over the Grant then certainly they would have to be willing to work with CHCC & KCHC in transferring the resources but afa maolek with the Feds and KCHC was NEVER an option by Muna — it was an abuse and misuse of power.  So are we supposed to be stupid and just ignore this when us regular folks are held accountable for our oversights in all walks of life everyday and even be subjected to being fired, fines and jail time.

  1. Did Muna or any Board Member ever ask or inform the Feds (Grant Source) about what had taken place and for their input before taking action to lock the KCHC in the interest of afa maolek? To this day we have yet to hear anything the Feds had to say about how this was handled or should I say miss-handled.
  2. What are the resources taken from KCHC being used for now at CHCC if they are even being used? Is there a plan to return the resources to the KCHC?
  3. Why was Muna using KCHC’s funding for CHCC Bills not related to KCHC?
  4. Does CHCC owe KCHC for the use of their funds and should be reimbursed?
  5. What if anything is the CHCC Board going to do about Muna’s decision and ability to continue as the CEO given the AG’s opinion that the closing of KCHC could have been avoided by Muna and CHCC? Was it retaliation and vindictiveness by Muna?
  6. Is there other evidence of Muna displaying retaliation and vindictiveness at CHCC in her relationship with staff, especially nurses and doctors?
  7. Is Muna really moving CHCC forward under her leadership or just maintaining under micromanagement methods? There have been concerns for years that our hospital is just barely maintaining, can’t keep doctors and the lack of basic things like blankets and pillows. Hopefully the evaluation of Muna will address this critical question that will have a significant effect on the future of Healthcare in the CNMI.

These are not questions to be washed under the bridge never to be asked and answered as our Hospital, its operations and relationship with all the Private Clinics are all now circumspect to the many people in the CNMI. The CHCC Board failed in their “due-diligence” in the KCHC matter as stated by the AG but hopefully they will perform more admirably in their evaluation of Muna. One People one direction for better leadership at CHCC!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.