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OPINION: Defiance against the US president

PRESIDENT Trump’s crackdown on the U.S. border and U.S. immigration is a challenge almost everywhere.

Latin American immigrants are crowding the U.S.-Mexican border to forcefully enter the United States.

This is a protest for mothers and fathers who already got deported and they want to fight back for their U.S. citizen children. It’s a very tough issue for families.

I have seen other immigration protests but never like this kind of defiance against President Trump’s immigration policies.

A lot of them who entered the United States are arrested and are in the process to be removed while some were granted asylum in the U.S.

The biggest criticism the President is facing now are from the U.S. born kids who are totally torn apart from their parents. It’s scary for undocumented families.

If we think of the global women’s rights protest it’s no different with how we look at the U.S.-Mexican border as thousands and thousands are fighting to enter the United States.

This problem is created by Latin American leaders whose countries are totally collapsing after decades of corruption, creating hunger and poverty and starving families daily.

It’s amazing that North Korea wants peace now but Latin American immigrants are still risking their lives just to enter the United States. It’s like the North Korean defectors who risk their lives to enter South Korea. It’s the reality.

If we assess and evaluate the real reasons these Latin Americans are risking their lives we’ll find out that their countries are lawless — corruption is rampant and atrocities happen everyday to families trying to survive.

The Interpol agents’ crackdown on human trafficking resulted in the arrest of a lot of bad guys and freed a lot of human trafficking victims.

Meanwhile, imagine 5,000 immigrants leaving their country every month. That is an unprecedented number. They are looking for food to feed their families and it’s their leaders who are responsible.

I cannot imagine Saipan taken over by Chinese drug syndicates. It will be a war against Americans in the entire Pacific region. We’re so lucky.

I know the U.S. President is trying his best with his new policies but it’s like a boomerang that comes right back at him because it insults the deported Latin Americans and their families.

The latest GOP Farm Bill aims to compel SNAP and food stamp recipients to work 20 to 30 hours to keep their food stamps, but the Senate Democrats will not allow this bill to pass.

We have a new movement and they call themselves the democratic socialists. They are formidable and are expanding to challenge both party establishments every election.

Their members include many young U.S. immigrants and they are well-educated. They could fracture both political establishments soon.

They are fighting for lower rent, healthcare and tax fairness. They put some of their agenda items on the ballot last election and won. Their main plan is to make millionaires and billionaires pay more taxes.

This new movement is growing every year. They might just start winning and, soon, able to change Washington, D.C. and its powerful establishment parties.

In the CNMI, we hope to see our young generation of voters stepping up to fight corruption. It’s our hope that we will see new candidates who will protect CNMI principles.

It’s scary if you look at the whole world today because countries are not really happy with the United States of America especially with Trump’s  U.S. Embassy relocation that just started a new conflict in the Middle East.

The Chinese and Russians are not happy with the new trade laws now that North Korea wants peace with South Korea. Hopefully, Trump can ease the friction with China and Russia. We always hope for peace.

Due to the North Korean tests that created a massive underground earthquake, North Korea’s nuclear capabilities were crippled. That’s why Kim Jong Un now wants to have peace.

The truth is China wants to overtake United States militarily but China still lacks the technical hardware that U.S. possesses today.

It’s interesting how Russia and China just displayed their new jet fighters that were identical to U.S. jets. They stole  U.S. blueprints  by hacking the NSA.

China will do its best to impose its money power everywhere and influence the elections in the CNMI or in Australia.

The threat now is the looming war between Iran and Israel. We hope Trump can enforce the peace in the Middle East, but there have been a lot of suicide bombings in Afghanistan so it’s unpredictable for peace now.

Our islands which are sandwiched between  China and the United States are in peacetime now that North Korea’s nuclear weapons will be dismantled.

Hopefully, China and Russia will do their work together with the United States for a lasting peace.

While the Asia-Pacific hot spot is cooling down the Middle East is heating up. We need our President to help these countries defuse any conflict.

In closing, the only danger the CNMI faces now is a slow economy. A little stability is a step in the right direction. We’re lucky we’re not Hawaiians who have to deal with an ongoing volcano eruption warning everyday.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.