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Poetry: At Least

Complex and sharp

like a blade of a sword,

at least for you

might be just two simple words,

In many ways has confided me,

at least has opened my eyes

to beautiful things

I once failed to see,

I may not be in a possession

of much beauty and wealth,

But at least this morning

I woke up in perfect shape and health,

Problems? Struggles?

at least I’m not alone,

I looked around and see

there’s so much more!

But be careful

at least could either make or break —

just to thrive

no need to strive or seek,

Once I’d been fooled

by at least’s simple trap

Satisfied with what I have,

though I knew I got more

just waiting to be tapped,

For most part

at least has comforted me,

time to time, day to day,

At least I see the clouds

and feel the wind,

At least I heard the birds sing,

swim with the fish scaly and finned,

at least I can cry

at least I can sigh

at least from failure

I can still try!

Riza Ramos is a registered nurse at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation-Hemodialysis Unit. She is the author of three books including “Drinking Seawater” a memoir about Typhoon Soudelor.