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FEATURE: The beginning of a long playlist of Chamorro music

“CHAMORRO People” is quickly becoming one of my favorite Facebook groups — where else can you find fina’dene memes and an endless thread of Marianas-inspired tattoos?

One night, I posted a request for Chamorro music recommendations. The next morning, I woke up to 34 comments’ worth of suggestions.

In addition to favorite songs, Chamorros listed online music libraries and YouTube playlists (check out the Chamorro music library on and the Dandan Marianas and Primo Marianas Youtube playlists for hours of listening).

Here’s the beginning of what I hope will become a long playlist:

1) Munga Ma Sangan by De Sha

2) Apo Magi by JD Crutch

3) Hagu by Flora Baza Quan

4) Triste Yu by Frank Bokonggo

5) Chamorro Superman by Dean and Walter Manglona ft. Cliff Atalig

6) Tinapu by Koronan Flores

7) Inner Voices by JD Crutch

8) Guinaifen Manglo by JD Crutch

9) Gai Asi Nu Guahu by Jeffrey Reyes

10) Paluma Gi Kanaimu by Rose Martinez Certeza

11) Micro Mix 2 by Josh Namauleg Ft. Oston Saralu & Peter Cruz

12) Tropicsette by Patgon Neni

13) Drop Baby Drop by The Mana’o Company

14) Dispensa Yu Palao’an Sa Ti Guahu Para Hagu by Ben De Leon Guerrero

15) Chacha Medley by I Radiants

16) Taotao Guafi by JJ Concepcion

17) Sotta Yu by Joe Cabrera

18) Chamolinian by Koronan Flores

19) Hagu Ha’ by Water Manglona ft. Tommy Gun Atalig

20) Boka, Video, Maigo by The Cruz Family

21) Chamorrita Girl by KC Deleon Guerrero

Thank you to all my distant Chamorro cousins, aunties, and uncles — even the one who recommended Tupac — for all your suggestions. And please feel more than welcome to add any missing classics to the list by commenting online!