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OPINION | Environment changes the outlook

AUTOMATIC thinking is challenging because if we don’t understand how to adapt in this challenging world we will never survive or achieve success.

Whenever we assure ourselves that it’s okay to take advantage of others we should also ask ourselves: what good does it do to you or your organization’s reputation?

In essence guarding our actions or performance should be the noble thing to do. We are humans. We’re not perfect.

Every human being is never ever going to be perfect no matter how we try to think positively in life.

The unending lessons we learn in life are daily reminders that life will always be a challenge mentally and physically.

Every human being struggle and suffer daily the moment they wake up. But it’s more difficult if we do nothing.

I decided to add another class to my family crisis treatment because I want to challenge these people who call themselves counselors.

I think positively of myself like a workhorse. I can push my mental and physical limitations.

And it really depends on your own mental and physical ability to push your endurance beyond your own limitation to be totally fit and healthy.

I challenge myself every single day to be productive and resourceful in my own personal activities.

The 20 years of enduring mental and physical chronic psoriasis and unbearable skin and joint pains can totally disable you. It’s very tough.

There were times when I no longer could endure the misery and the pain, but I chose to listen to Dad’s advice that pain can be our friend.

When I was born prematurely, the doctors and my parents gave me a 50-50 chance to survive.

To survive is a miracle in itself so whatever I am facing today in my marriage I will just consider it a part of life.

But positive thinking will never be enough.  I must also try to be happy even though I don’t have  a lot of things in life.

I want nothing but just to be happy and to breathe and have  a normal life. Being alive is all I care about.

My wife wanted this or that but I told her, “Honey you gave away your apartment complex business to your daughter and families so you could leave China so please stop hurting yourself.”

While I really admire my wife’s work ethic it can destroy her life if she overdo it. My wife married  a dreamer and writer who enjoys life.

Ambitious as she is and smart as she is, her passion to be successful can only drive her crazy. She loves to work hard.

Be careful what you wish for because it might cost you your life. That’s how I look at my life during my hard-working days in extremely hot or cold weather here in the U.S.

My doctors told me to go back to my tropical paradise island because I could not stand the cold weather. But I went to Arizona where I got better.

I survived because it’s all about working out and self-care.

Life is tough. It has five elements: environment, thoughts, moods, behavior and physical  reaction.

Understanding how these five parts affect our lives will help us really understand our problems.

Thinking alone is not that easy in situations like stress, depression or anxiety so guarding your feelings and emotions is a long-term case study.

Money is not the answer, and it is necessary to be level-headed in difficult moments.

We must learn to create a lasting positive improvement to our lives and relationships.

Sometimes we are not aware of the thoughts guiding our behaviors because our actions have become routines.

When we decide to change or learn a new behavior, our thoughts can determine whether and how these changes occur.

Our expectations affect our behavior. We are more likely to try to do something and succeed if we believe it is achievable or possible.

Automatic thoughts influence behavior. These are words and images that pop into our head throughout the day as we are doing things.

Thinking is not the same as taking action or doing, but the more we believe something is possible the more likely we are to attempt it and maybe succeed at it.

In addition to automatic thoughts, we have deep core beliefs that influence our behavior patterns.

Thoughts also affect reactions. Athletes use the powerful links between thoughts and physical reactions. Practice makes perfect.

It doesn’t take traumatic environmental events to influence beliefs. Beliefs can be influenced  by your culture, ethnic background, gender or neighborhood.

People don’t usually overcome anxiety until changes in thoughts are accompanied by changes in  behavior.

It might help to change your environment. Learn to relax and reduce stress. Learn to say no to unreasonable demands made by other people. Spend more time with supportive people. Work with neighbors to increase neighborhood safety. Help reduce discrimination or harassment in the community and the workplace.

But some environments are so challenging that it’s difficult for  anyone to maintain a positive outlook. For example, the family crisis treatment I am going through today because of the actions taken by the authorities.

But I am motivated to take this treatment class so I can educate the community and the government to help victims of hate.

In conclusion, do unto others what  you would want others to do unto you.

Nothing personal. I’m only trying to be informative.

In my personal free time I volunteer to counsel suicidal individuals. I consider it part of my commitment to my wife.

The author is a resident of Portland, Oregon.