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OPINION | Broken Supreme Court and broken US government policies

THE Anita Hill sexual case was swept under the rug decades ago, but history has repeated itself again when the GOP ignored justice for all American families.

For far too long, evil always wins. It deceives the GOP or the Dems. We have a broken political system in the U.S. Congress folks.

It’s always about both parties’ agendas over the people. It’s the trashing of our U.S. Constitution.

I find it disturbing that our justice system has been hijacked by the GOP and the Dems so they can play with corporate America on Wall Street.

Both sides play the Russian roulette game. If you’re real lucky you get to live and fight another day  for your Wall Street bankers.

Lately I’ve been told that I can own my dream home, but I am very skeptical about the offer. Is it real?

The toxic home loans that scammed millions of American families are like red flags that keep going off in my mind. It’s too good to be true people.

I am so tempted to cash in on a two-bedroom family house gravy deal but my intuition or guts is silently telling me to watch my  behind.

In 2008 when the economy crashed the GOP mega bankers were bailed out by the American taxpayers so when the Dems passed the TARP act the bankers pocketed  700 hundred billion dollars — a fact.

Under this current U.S. administration the GOP deregulated the banks to ease restrictions on home loans, but are new toxic home loans to swindle money from U.S. consumers?

Well, figure that out for yourself because both party establishments are playing with their mega bankers on Wall Street today. It’s a gravy baby kind of a deal.

When we saw the American middle class families lost their 401k, their life savings, their homes and cars and their families retirement, I blamed both political party establishments.

It was bad enough that I was duped in previous elections. To avoid being tricked again I have decided that I will become an independent swing voter.

This way I cannot be fooled again by the Republicans or the Dems. This way I am not associated with any of them.

Do we think a trade war will help U.S. farmers, other industries or small businesses?

Russia, China and other countries are not happy with the new U.S trade laws and regulations, and these countries are in cyberwar with the U.S. today as if cheating or stealing is OK.

 I don’t blame the President for being tough on cyberspace theft. It’s the right thing to do to protect the nation against cybertheft.

The U.S. intelligence community is keeping an eye on websites being hacked by the Chinese or the Russians.

We voters must be smart.

We cannot let both political parties cozy up with the Chinese or the Russians and take advantage of our democracy and our Constitution.

We the people and the U.S. press corps are closely monitoring our leaders in local or federal government. We want them to do their jobs to American families. And it’s our job to inform voters.

The immigration issues that are tearing families apart is a result of corruption in both political parties. Why not do your part and follow  U.S. laws on immigration protocols?

If I can file my wife’s immigration paperwork for her to become a U.S. citizen, why can’t everyone do the same for their own families today?

It’s ironic and moronic to push our local leaders to bail you out. Pay your dues and follow immigration laws. If I can do it you can do it too.

It’s so unfair to push your political leaders to bail you out when I did not rely on lawmakers but myself to help get my wife her U.S. citizenship.

Either way you’re in trouble if you think your lawmakers will help you or your companies. Do it yourself and stop this manipulation corruption.

Trump is all about 9/11 border security protection because he saw it himself on 9/11 when terrorists attacked his home city, New York, so stop twisting the truth Democrats.

Face the truth and stop this state  by state attacks on immigration law enforcement. People better start doing their family immigration paperwork.

The firestorm on illegal aliens or the formation of sanctuary cities is a direct results of lawmakers on both parties kicking the can for decades.

Employers abuse our political system. It’s obvious. And both Republicans and Democrats use immigration issues for politics.

Political or not, separating families is wrong and we should blame both political parties for failing to fix U.S. immigration policies and regulations. Pathetic.

All this is about getting votes. I plan not to vote on Election Day. I cannot get the results I expect from both political parties. The system is so corrupt.

In closing, as far as I’m concerned I will find a way to fight corruption to finally bring my wife home where she belongs, slowly but surely, soon.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.