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OPINION | The political disaster of this era

IN a world where we all want to do our best to help our families or other people, it’s getting complicated due to the few bad apples that manipulate the real accomplishments of our good public servants and volunteers.

We the people and the agents of change cannot accept interference from mega-rich organizations that cheat everyone.

It’s one thing to serve your people and community but it’s another thing to disregard your oath of duty and instead push corporation ideas.

When the people’s interests are not met its important to hold these mega-organizations or corporations accountable and responsible.

Especially when it comes to your local or state politicians who cater to these rich corporations. It’s wrong.

Our local or county officials are not really bad public servants but when you’re taking money from mega-rich organizations you become tainted.

After all money is the root of evil no matter how moral you are as public servant. You end up passing or tailoring laws for the mega-rich.

This Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA inserted into some healthcare organizations not only hurt families and their loved ones, but it also destroyed the public’s confidence or trust in local or state authority.

This HIPAA hypocrisy was made to protect mega-corporations and other organizations and their questionable and dirty practices that include taking money from poor, low-income families.

But lawmakers are the ones who helped corporations tailor these useless, unnecessary stupid laws  and impose their power on families.

In one case the Multnomah staff was liable to pay $20 million in a lawsuit filed by an Oregon family.

And this happened under the Democratic Party.

It was a controversial issue because more than a dozen mental health patients were physically abused to death.

Based on my own investigation and research, it’s not surprising that Oregon has the highest rate nationwide when it comes to the deaths of mental health patients. It’s alarming, really.

 Mental health patients became victims of profits. But not anymore;  not on my watch.

It’s sad when a state-of-the-art new Oregon state hospital is corrupt and understaffed. But no one asks why is this happening because the Democratic Party here has been in control for decades. Believe me, they can get away with criminal wrongdoing today.

So they don’t care if my wife dies because of deadly drugs. It’s the profit that these healthcare CEOs target.

Would you keep voting for this kind of corrupt government officials who abuse me and other Oregon families? I don’t think so.

But now I am being viewed as the bad guy because I want to help my wife today.

In the CNMI: is the local GOP doing enough to fund the island’s only hospital? Based on my own investigation, no.

In fact in the CNMI, there are no alternatives when they cut off a feet or leg of a diabetic patient because the CNMI GOP never care about new alternatives.

This CNMI GOP would rather ship you to the Philippines, Guam or Hawaii because they don’t provide humane proper care.

When I came home I noticed that our own CNMI doctors were not happy to treat me due to their mediocre pay rates.

One doctor asked me what was I doing at the hospital. I replied, “Why do people come to the hospital?” He turned around and walked away.

My American doctor in the CNMI  left for a mission to Africa and the Canadian and Middle Eastern doctors refused to treat me.

I don’t blame these CNMI doctors. They have a right to be unhappy with their pay rates and they would rather cut off your feet because they don’t have any alternatives.

When I volunteered for my Oregon Health & Science University dermatologists, it was because I appreciated their professional care of keeping me healthy every day.

As for those CEO’s who only care about their profits or wallets, they are still abusing my wife today and it’s my job or duty to expose them.

So whoever wants to challenge my own research, observations and my own investigation — bring it on right now because I will to talk to you.

I will tell every dirty little secret of these long-time majority Democrats. Their main agenda is to help the mega-rich and abuse us low-income families.

In closing, my job as a CNMI civics native writer is to give the readers and our people my perspective based on my five years research on depression.

The author is a resident of Portland, Oregon.