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OPINION | Milking it to Dec. 2018

IT’S ridiculous that lawyers who are involved in landowners’ land money have taken another seven months to complete their work. It’s all about milking all landowners, wow.

These lawyers who are milking the clock at $250 an hour will eventually get more money because they don’t care for landowners.

As long as they fool the landowners it’s good for their wallets because they think they are above the law.

I mean this is getting a really old GOP tactic they first employed  when land compensation first came out, but it’s all about greed for lawyers.

“Liars” not “lawyers” is what we call them. They always pretend they are doing us a favor but I have to tell it like it is. It’s the truth.

They are all blinded by money and they will do anything to prolong the waiting game to milk their $250 an hour rate. It’s sickening, really folks.

In fact, most of the landowners are the real victims of the real corruption that lawyers don’t care to admit. It’s pathetic. It’s crafty and evil.

Many landowners have already passed away without seeing even a penny from their land compensation because of corrupt, crafty, evil lawyers.

A good lawyer will fast-track the release of land compensation to avoid being called a thief but not in the CNMI GOP-controlled courts.

The judge himself play his part to pretend it is such a difficult job to do when all they’re doing is making themselves look pathetic.

I know these dirty secrets because I saw it myself in our land case. It was well-orchestrated.

The judge got his share and the lawyers got their share by taking a big chunk from the families’ share. They have no shame doing it to families.

It’s the very reason I no longer believe in lawyers who prey on families who are always the victims in this court circus.

But they can’t fool me. I see it in their eyes. All they want is more time and more excuses to milk their $250 per hour job.

Call me a coconut-head but this is the truth folks. These lawyers can look so cool with their ties and suits but they play the devil’s advocate game.

If I were a lawyer I would actually look out for my clients to make sure they get most if not all of their land compensation dollars.

But no, you have to wait and wait as these lawyers and judges conduct closed-doors meetings to decide who will get more.

If there will be more money for the lawyers, then it’s good enough for them, and they will finally announce their decision. That’s the way they do it behind closed-door folks. But we’re not that stupid.

They can no longer fool land owners. We know better. Their ultimate motive is to take money from the landowners.

The reason I want to hammer this corruption home today is because I want to expose these crafty evil lawyers.

Let me be more precise. They will do whatever it takes to fill up their own wallets because that is their motive from the beginning. Trust me on this.

All they do is to victimize landowners. So who has the guts to challenge these crooked lawyers? It’s me, their worst critic.

It’s a white-collar criminal act if you ask me folks, it’s as simple as that. We don’t have to name their names but we can shame them all for acting like a smart bunch of inconsiderate people.

That’s what they are. They have no respect for our landowners. Instead they want to act like they are all so much smarter than us ordinary people.

In closing, think about it folks. It is pathetic, ridiculous and shameful to take advantage of our landowners in the name of greed or corruption.

I am just doing my job for my CNMI families. Don’t forget folks: I am also a victim of this land corruption.

The writer is a Portland, Oregon resident.