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OPINION | Polarity of views

IF you have a good candidate with documented excellent experiences, and strong beliefs on latent and concur-rent issues, these would be good value by itself and home run to a winning election.  Wrong.

We give credit to candidates that deserve the merits of public approval, and that is why our Constitution recognizes the selection process placing a person in charge of the Governor Office by vote of election.  The competing interests makes their ways to force the messages to all authorized voters the authority to elect the best one for the job of Governor and Lt. Governor.  In the history of the Commonwealth, the term of office for the period January 2016 to January 2019 anointed an elected Governor only for brief time frame, and the rest of this term lived the presence of a “default governor” and a “default lt. governor.”  Only the default governor now seeking a bona fide election for the Governor Office.

Most baby boomers like me have witnessed, since our recognized entry into the jurisdiction of the United States government in 1986, thus, we followed each elections of persons to the Governor Office and participated in all elections of persons to elected offices, but never one following a term filled by default.  So, the 2018 election is like our first election following the effectual date of the Covenant. Indeed, it marks a date of history that should be established in historical records and factual situation at least in present day NMDs and millennial generation. 

Incumbents in office dove into a fatal mistake who believe that name recognition is enough and dismiss the power of messaging.  One in particular is the campaign who had placed value on their political slogan: real action/that’s progress.  Messages that are milquetoast and ambiguous are interesting subjects in relation to current and latent events.  How such slogan fit the interpretation in the minds of voters struggling to find applicable meanings to causes as they see fit.  In democracy of free speech, this is a healthy and acceptable principle, it is necessary to express the opinion amercing by the breath of diversity with the ambiguity and contradicting messages.  In this principle, one is invited to participate amidst the likelihood that one will be viewed as an adversary of the campaign prophesying the true nature of such political slogan.  I am only interested in the invitation by the principle of taking an adversarial argument that I feel wrongly concocted and wishing that mass majority hitch to follow my thought process and point of reference.  It is with this afterthought that I feel it must be put in the public domain and stir further elaboration and discussion so that those viewing the same perspective would be given a chance for a plausible explanation for which that may invite the favor to accepting what “real action/that’s progress” really means.  For now, many observers are willing to finding what is true and what is false pretenses.

First, one must view polarity of views in words that represent the theme and messages. A political slogan that suggests the candidacy, for example, Angel Santos is supported because Angel is good.  The word good by itself is polar related in that one must know or cause to know what “bad” is.  That is just the nature of language.  In my adolescent days, we fished a lot for the family subsistence.  In the shallow part of the reef, we often marked that space as normal depth and need not require much struggle as the situation was manageable by all means.  But, when one challenged the depth of the open ocean beyond the reef, that was reserved for the brave and expert in fishing.  The question was:  what was deep?  It turned that one must know what was shallow in relation to ocean depth.  The same principle applies when political slogans are coined in debatable messages.

The structure of anything refers to the fundamental parts and how those individual elements function in relation to each other and in relation to the whole.  This theme and concept would not be a problematic proposition because it is just a basic string of logic conception.  I hope that it is understood and serve as a basic spring board for clarity and discourse deliberation.

The farmer sees a vegetable differently than a political scientist does.  To the farmer, a vegetable is a gift from God, and from the time of planting the vegetable on the ground everything the vegetable requires would need nature’s support and permission.  The farmer connected nature and God in which everything connected to its growth from fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, tillers, water, occasional thieves in the cover of darkness mostly by neighbors, wild animals that feast on the vegetables, the corrupted destruction of the environment caused by human intervention, and seen or unseen degradation the farmer must deal with in order to feed people from his labor.  This is the structure and the farmer longs that his labor is expended for the purpose of feeding people and gaining rewards from his produces.

A doctor works and affected by the structure he/she must deal with dealing with the structural nature of the human body.  When the doctor looks at a patient, he/she considers not just the illness of the organ, but all the health and conditions of the entire body.  Blood pressures, brain waves, oxygen intake, presence of bacteria and living organism, allergy reactions and symptoms manifested by tests of all kinds.  All things living have structures, in a specialized ways it serves a purpose by which we clarify what the nature of situations one is dealing with. 

The structure of the slogan:  real action/that’s progress is linked by its own structured proposition.  What it means no one explains by the people who presented it to the public domain, the media and printed pamphlets.  So,what is the structure after all.  Every one has a free fall to specify what it is really.  There, I should not be blamed as a critical opponent to what these all about say.  Instead, blame the principal(s) that coined this as good or bad for their campaign.  I think those principals did a disfavor in using such slogan because now it is looking dismal and facing its death spiral for the remaining days campaigning until the rest of the election season.  It is ripe to make the case as adversarial argument.  Nothing flows to me in reverse order, as these all their making.

Structurally, the message in “real action/that’s progress is like filling water into a glass.  Putting water into the glass is a goal in that fill it up to a desired level of water.  You express an awareness of the current situation:  how much water is presently in the glass.  If there is less water in the glass than the desired amount, there will be a discrepancy, and you lessen the discrepancy by adding water, which you do by controlling the faucet or vessel carrying water that can be poured in to the glass.  As the current amount of water approaches the desired amount of water, you close the faucet by degrees, slowing down the flow of water as it fills the glass and closing when the discrepancy is managed.  Thus, problem resolved and the structure follows what it is planned for.

What is the meaning of: real action/that’s progress.  This could be construed as a half-empty or half-full structure as declared in words and actions proclaimed in messages and publications with campaign that makes this slogan their delivery vehicle to constituents that hear and read about it in the last two months.  This time, let’s breakdown the words used.  Words matter, and this round split the words in what they mean for the sake of clarity.  Bear in mind that words by itself do not mean anything.  Words are define by the description of other words used to illustrate its boundaries and stereotype, and all elements that specify the words conceptual construct.  To dismiss this connection of the words in the slogan amounts to trickery and deceptive ploy.  What it says should not be the subject of the Trojan Horse mystery.

The word real in the “real action” is an adjective.  As such it carries a connotation as genuine, not artificial, counterfeit, or fake.  Also, a situation not infected by fiction and imaginary thoughts.  It must be objective, and has physical existence.  It must be absolute, complete and utter.  It is also an adverb that connotes really and “very” describing an emphasis by such measure or level as a true or false. The adjective power of the word “real” surfaced and expressed polar related contrast in words like:  artificial, counterfeit, dishonest, disputable, doubtful, dubious, false, fraudulent, hidden, indefinite, invalid, obscure, questionable, uncertain, unclear, unreal, unreliable, unsure, untrustworthy, vague, flexible, immaterial, intangible unfit, unimportant, unstable, fake, feigned imaginary, untrue and arbitrary. The word “real” of the slogan “real action” is problematic that when used it carries a meaning that based its actual incidences painted by the procurer as indicative of an absent-minded excuse that the other half of what it is or what was not is also true.  We can’t have it both ways, do we?

The word “action” is a noun that also have a very ambiguous conception when compared to its contrasted polar related meanings.  In its simplest form the word means: something done so as to accomplish a purpose.  It also makes a point of meaning as in the way of motion or functioning.  In ways of a process form, it is construed as a mechanism in a whole where parts or assembly exerts the motion to the final phase of a real object.  Action is polarized from which a situational in nature which describes a position of idleness, inaction, inactivity, question, apathy, dullness, indolence, laziness, lethargy, quiet, repose, slowness, stillness, surrender, unemployment, weakness, yielding, cessation, stoppage, or nothing.  Hence, an action is not just good, but consist of completion degrees that could signal the imagination in infinity. 

We will deal with “that’s progress” in time, and make the point based on public domain publications and recorded public announcement.  I promise it will be an interesting discourse between now and the dawn of day of this election cycle.  For this, it remains for furthering the adversarial argument in a declared political slogan hooked by deepened mystical and ambiguity of the unknown. Let’s start the discourse in order to accentuate the true conception of what is “real action/that’s progress” in real time and reality.  I am pretty sure lots of confirming opinion would follow.  The game is on. 

The writer is a resident of Kannat Tabla, Saipan.