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OPINION | The Big Swindle II – ‘Nothing is free’!

FIRST I want to thank Jon Perez and John S. Pangelinan for their opinion articles on what I believe is the Mariana Resort Swindle and Rep. Joseph Leepan T. Guerrero who also believes “the shutdown of Mar-iana Resort & Spa and its facilities could have been avoided had the government been more proactive and aggressive in its negotiation with Kan Pacific Saipan Ltd” and he is RIGHT.

I warned the Government and the People that the Mariana Resort issue was a big swindle but no one listened “LINDA” and now look – the Resort is literally facing the possibility of being a White Elephant with no definitive future. There is a video on Social Media of a little boy trying to talk to his mother Linda and she is not really listening to what he is saying but it teaches us a valuable lesson that is even supported in the Bible which states that “we can learn from our children and even the ant” if we just pay attention and listen!  The fact that the Mariana Resort is now closed is of no surprise to me as I KNEW when Mrs. Cavanagh, who was a great GM, left and went to PIC and when IPI and Kan Pacific went into secret negotiations that the end of the Resort as we knew it was OVER! ONE DAY the powers-that-be will learn they need to LISTEN to the very PEOPLE they work for!!! But I’m an outsider by some people’s definition so maybe they don’t work for me, for TRUE but also very SAD given the CNMI is America where we are ALL supposed to be EQUAL!!!

Anyway, this is just another one of my I Told You Sos that could have all been avoided like Rep. Leepan Guerrero said if they had just LISTENED to me and others. We had plenty of time to make a smooth transition but IPI had their eyes on the property so what did we do – we set the conditions for IPI to get the property and they even made a SECRET agreement with Kan Pacific to get the property – HELLER PEOPLE! I will NEVER understand WHY and HOW the Local People let them even get away with SECRET DEALS about YOUR LAND and YOUR PROPERTY in the first place!  Locals need to get upset and protest MORE about other things than just “cultural issues” – this is America where the People Rule!

I know DPL Secretary Marianne Teregeyo inherited this problem and I’m thankful she did not give the lease to IPI.  It is obvious she is trying to do something as the property is now being broken up, with separate requests for proposals on the Mariana Resort & Spa, Mariana Country Club, and its Olympic-size swimming pool which might make it easier to lease and even more profitable in the long term.  Hopefully DPL will listen and fast track this issue like Rep. Leepan Guerrero said as the CNMI’s investment in the Mariana Resort translates into millions in tax revenues and a lease that should be close to 100 million. I also hope DPL will focus their Ads for the Resort in Japan and other countries but not in China as we are already entirely toooo heavily dependent upon China it’s to our  advantage to expand our Tourism Market.

Readers have common sense and they can add 1+1 = TWO and it takes TWO to make a swindle work. In the case of the Mariana Resort Lease it was the previous DPL Director (1) who set up the deal for IPI (1) to get the Mariana Resort but the swindle was exposed which is why we are in this dilemma of no lease.  But DPL Direct Pete A. was moved to the Governor’s office and eventually disappeared. Now we have a new DPL Direct trying to clean-up the mess that was left. BUT to make it worse we now the Commonwealth Casino Commission Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero (1) seemingly showing his alliance to IPI when he said that “WE (the CNMI) do not need 2,000 hotel rooms” as he is obviously setting us (the People) up for ANOTHER change to “DOWNGRADE” (1) IPI’s contract AGAIN proving my 1 + 1 = 2 to make the swindle work theory. Why is he even saying anything as he is SUPPOSED to be working for the PEOPLE in making SURE IPI lives up to the contract for 2,000 rooms and Five Star Hotel???  IPI promised us the Moon & Stars and now they are begging for extensions on their hotel in the north hasn’t even broken ground. They are even trying to “take-over” the Marianas Resort when they can’t finish their FIRST Hotel in Garapan. IF IPI does as it promised we will need the 2,000 rooms but the question now is can we even believe that IPI can fully deliver on their promises – for TRUE!

Just think, WHY did the Casino Commission allow for hundreds of MILIONS in un-collected money that OWES taxes to the CNMI and there has been one extension after another. LISTEN LINDA (Casino Commission), it should be MANDANTORY for the Tax Money to be paid FIRST and Up-Front on all lines of credit – it is just that simple but the Commission let the people get SWINDLED AGAIN!!! I wouldn’t trust Edward Deleon Guerrero any further than my line-of-sight after this and I hope and PRAY the Feds are truly watching the Casino Commissioners and their behavior because We the People don’t have ANY checks to balance on this Commission.  It is very obvious what the Commission’s Chairman is trying to do and We the People need to pay much closer attention to what this Casino Commission is doing and even failing to do!!!  In fact, I don’t think it is even public knowledge on how the Commissioners vote individually on issues just that something was approved or disapproved.  We need to hold EACH Commissioner accountable for their actions and the Commission’s actions.

“There is no such thing as a FREE Lunch”

This is a lesson that I would teach most 12th graders in my Social Studies “Economics” class as I was one of the few teachers at PSS who actually taught PURE Economics. I even had to create my own resources for Economics because PSS refused to create or purchase any,  but that’s another story for another day. In Economics it is understood that there is no such thing as FREE because someone will pay for it in some way. Well, we were led to believe the Casino was going to be ALL good and that we would only REAP the FREE money with little adverse effects. Now we are starting to see that the CNMI is starting to “PAY a cost” for the Casino. Yes, we all received part of the 10 million given to CUC to help us with our power bills once the Casino Bill passed but most people don’t know that the next day the OWNERS made over 100 million in stocks so what we got was a “tip.” Heck, we didn’t even charge the Casino taxes at first so those taxes we never got actually more than PAID for the 10 million given to CUC – it’s smoke & mirrors.

When businesses offer “FREE” things someone has or will pay for it in the end. When things go on sale they are almost never reduced to less than the actual cost so the seller won’t lose. Very seldom do sellers lose on products unless they just go out of business and loose the inventory. But we should be thankful for the money that comes from businesses to help in the community because they don’t have to do it but we also need to be very cognizant of the fact that we are only getting part of their PROFITS as no business would be giving us money or anything free if they are not making money – that’s Economics 101 and even Common Sense. Our problem is we are letting IPI play on our sympathy and POOR POLITICAL decision making in IPI’s favor when this is about BUSINESS as IPI would surely be taking the CNMI to court if we violated our obligations in the contract such as letting ANOTHER Casino Investor come in to take over the Mariana Resort which would be healthy for us but not for IPI – DUH and HELLER! So the next time they ask for an extension give it to them but look for a SECOND Casino Investor for Saipan – LISTEN Linda!

We (the CNMI) gave the owners “exclusive casino rights” if they build NEW Five Star Hotels and now they are more interested in taking over the OLD Mariana Resort than building their OWN NEW five star hotels as promised. We are now paying for our commitment to BSI/IPI in the loss of the Mariana Resort’s taxes and lease (over 100 million) by letting IPI scheme in secret talks with Kan Pacific over YOUR LAND Lease to take it over when we should have been working with Kan Pacific to continue operating the Resort until a new lease was signed. Now IPI is literally begging to get the Resort and we even gave it to them when they have other commitments that are failing at which should have disqualified IPI from having anything to do with the Mariana Resort. I just hope the DPL Secretary will be aggressive enough to get a NEW investor(s) for the Mariana Resort in an expeditious fashion.  One people one direction for making SURE the Mariana Resort is expeditiously put back into operations and for paying closer attention to the Commonwealth Casino Commission, especially the Chairman Mr. Edward DL Guerrero who seems to want to promote, protect & serve IPI over the People’s Contract!