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OPINION | Today’s dirty politics in the US and NMI

HERE in Portland, Oregon, the politics is downright confrontational and dirty because punches are being ex-changed and they’re deadly — three  people have died already.

And when hate is displayed by both parties it equates to in-your face shouting matches and real fighting on the streets.

We saw this in the 1960s but it is what we again see today. Dirty politics and hateful rhetoric and-name-calling started by the GOP’s Trump in the last general elections. This is dangerous.

It was bad under Obama and it got a lot worse under Trump.

It’s uncivilized and pathetic.

The hate displayed by the GOP and Democrats has taken us into a new dark political era where lives can be lost.

You want to talk about American family values or you want to talk about killing our American dream because it’s not who we are as American local families today.

What ever happened to dignity or decency that we all share as humans on this planet? We Americans should always set a good example.

I am embarrassed by the GOP or  the Democrats’ abusive actions and it’s the reason I became a concerned independent swing voter folks. It’s unfortunate that politics is deadly.

After President John Kennedy got assassinated we Americans should have learned that murder or hate is unacceptable in our society today.

Not to mention the corruption in the U.S. or in the CNMI. It’s not okay to kill or lie for the sake of  political candidates.

Remember the kid who went into a church and shot all those church people? That’s how hate is killing our American values today.

You want America to be great? It’s more like America hate again, right folks? It’s against our American beliefs or our American flag, really.

What’s the point of saying making America great again when other countries view us differently due to the GOP’s trade war with them.

Either way the Democrats and the GOP have only tainted our nation’s image with hate and corruption because their political agenda is more important than anything.

All the cover-up and corruption by both parties is the reason the politics of today is so out of control and yet voters are still voting for more corruption.

How informed are you as an honest and moral voter today to protect our American image as the greatest country in the world?

If the U.S. doesn’t clean up its corruption, we will be at war with China soon. It’s not a joke. This is a serious issue.

We are still in Afghanistan so if the Chinese or the Russians go to war with the United States it will destroy humanity.

In the CNMI, families are not getting the real results they demand from the GOP majority who are still painting a rosy economy picture.

Really folks, can you really say that when poor families are not getting their hospital care and are still waiting to be referred to Guam, the Philippines or Hawaii?

CNMI GOP voters cling to old outmoded ideas that only help the elite and themselves while imposing hardship on poor families.

Why should I live on an island that has no opportunity for struggling poor families today? Tell me why GOP.

The CNMI GOP wiped out our elders’ retirement fund. Do I trust the GOP today? No way and never because they are still corrupt now.

In life, you can have a second chance to redeem your image, but if corrupt behavior keeps hurting poor families then change must be demanded by CNMI families now.

There are more struggling or suffering families today because of mother’s nature wrath around the world. It’s still happening in Florida.

In Asia Pacific it’s the trade war that caused millions to lose their jobs in China because GOP voters want to make America great again while making it harder on American farmers and other small businesses.

Massive layoffs in China are due to the U.S.-China trade war and yet the U.S. and the CNMI still lack the workers they badly need.

We might as well return to the cavemen days if we cannot have a civil and respectful relationship in this dirty political world. We need to protect our civilization from pinpoint-smart powerful bombs.

In closing, me and my Chinese American wife are hoping for world peace in this cold cruel world but that is up to our mother nature and father sky to give us the benefit of the doubt.

Love your neighbors and your enemies.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.