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Right direction | The US states’ quest for genuine conservatism: Alaska’s case

ON Friday, Oct. 19, 2018, with less than three weeks to go the midterm elections of Nov. 6, Alaska’s Gov. Bill Walker announced that he was suspending his re-election bid after his running mate, Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot, resigned after “making an inappropriate overture toward a woman.”

Walker, a former Republican turned independent, and his Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot, a Democrat (and an Alaska Native leader), were elected in 2014 with Democratic support. After all, this winning formula was practiced repeatedly by another U.S. senator (and NeverTrumper) from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.

Tiberiu Dianu

Walker endorsed the Democratic candidate, Mark Begich for governor, and criticized the Republican contender, Mike Dunleavy. Come to think of it, socialist Bernie Sanders was also an “independent.”

Now can somebody explain to me what does this “inappropriate overture” really mean? And where are the #MeToo activists when you need them? Where is the rage, where is the vilification against the fellow Democrat (and Native Alaskan) Mallot? I’m shocked! Shocked!

Truth be told, the “independent” Governor Walker was running a distant third, and the Democrats were afraid that he would split the votes with Begich. Probably, in a boomerang effect, many of his Republican supporters will vote for Dunleavy anyway, securing the victory for a genuine Republican, thus turning Alaska again into a northern southern right-wing state, like some already said.

Alaskans are given an unexpected chance to vote genuinely conservative again.

Otherwise, Begich will make sure the caravan of those illegal Hondurans will march right into his state’s most northern point.

People of Alaska are missing Sarah Palin already!

Tiberiu Dianu has published several books and a host of articles in law, politics, and post-communist societies. He currently lives and works in Washington, D.C., and can be followed on Medium