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OPINION | The infliction of the greatest poverty on the poorest people in the NMI

BUENAS Dia yan Saludo:

I thought of adding just a little icing on my yesterday’s article, as a way to launch the platform connecting the “Help Me God” to the subject of poverty of “un-love” regardless what beckoned by the favored rationalizations in science and philosophy asserting its truth as a human tragedy.

On Jan. 12, 2019, a group of CNMI people assembled at a Spanaway, WA Church to celebrate the Thanksgiving for the tremendous gifts of help and assistant God commanded for the restoration and recovery of post disaster caused by Typhoon Yutu.  The loving and caring God came to the NMI in a form of power and generosity.  This was the theme of that solemn celebration of Thanksgiving and by the blessing of the Holy Eucharist we received, our praying we sent on behalf of all the NMI people. 

Our celebrant spoke in authority and expressed how God come to visit even when we least expected.  The one message in his homily centered about the infliction of poverty of a different magnitude that even the wisest and mightiest privileged one among us in the NMI may not have thought of in principle and spiritual understanding. What it means to be inflicted by the poverty of “un-love” or take it by another form to be treated like a “day’s fly”?  Often times society classifies the poorest among as only good to shoo off and pay no attention.  Because of the climax and coincidence of the much anticipated arrival of the inaugural festivities date of the official change of governing bestowed on the newly elected and stay-in elected, the homily by far, our celebrant priest has spiritual nexus with the call to our elected leaders asking for good path in their honing “help me God” good counsel.

I read so much about poverty caused by impacted and inflicted economic national and global conditions and events.  Goggle the word “poverty” and you will hit so many references,  you will be overwhelmed.  And, we don’t have to go far, just retrieve several articles by Mr. John Del Rosario in his column,  and you would get the point just as succinct and convincing.  The problem our elected and stay-in elected leaders may have in perpetuity ignored or purposely paid little attention to this economic illness of the poorest among the poorest people of the NMI.  We heard enough about economic and politically motivated poverty and endless causes, we understood but also many misunderstood by their thinking pattern and hesitation which misses important events in the social order.

“Help me God” is a call of and for Love.  Jesus Christ and Almighty God is Love.  There Love is a gift of Love of God, which we think we fully understand.  However, the mysteries of God’s Love will never satisfy by the words only that human’s mouth makes, but the deeds of the heart and mind that translated to God’s presence of the physical form of his gift assured the order.  So if God’s love is Light, it would stand that darkness is the competing influence of Satan in the demonic devil.  And, our celebrant priest emphatically expressed that love comes for a reason, but un-loved does not happen by chance.  One makes choices in separating happiness and hurt cursed to another.  When one makes a choice to un-love another, it manifest a real fact and only the instigator or source of the treatment could know well.  Here we started the idea of call for “God help Me” is frustrated when the aim is to discharge or ignore God’s Love ways.  Everything contrary or contradict God Love is a human un-loved.  God will never un-love its children and creation. So, how do we get this idea of “un-loved” as the greatest poverty that inflicts the poorest among the poorest of our people in the NMI?

Let all tardy or ignorant thinking and understanding be the deal among us on the personal level.  The source of un-loved impact is a caused traceable to experiences one got and remained in the memory never to be forgotten.  God love to un-love never a God way! So, by logic thinking, the call for “help me God” must have washed or removed what is “un-loved” of all the people who we elected or stay-in elected status because God is now the objective and focal point.  Frankly, we paid these leaders dearly to avoid the “un-love” poverty from their commission or omission of acts that should not be acceptable to God.  Otherwise, the “help me God” is just like a day’s fly worth a cent and a disposable desire.

The devil thrives in influencing any of our spiritually destined leaders elected to governing office.  Rather than overwhelmed the readers of what “un-love” is, maybe a point in case could offer the explanation in which our memory retrieves the incidences what a government allows “un-love” to perpetuate among the few cliques who set this tragedy to move on and carried its obviousness with no attention.         

Un-love is taking advantage of the ignorant by splurging them with temporal gifts to win favors.  Take for example the MV Luta outstanding tragedy.  What Victor Hocog did to acquire the windfall value of the $400, 000 he masterminded removed from the CNMI Treasury was a tragedy and remained one until this day.  The caused of the underlining effort by this elected leader is a pure example of “un-love” against the poorest among the poorest who deserve more governing protection.  This makes the call for “Help me God” as nothing as treating the same God he is asking for favor more or less like a day’s fly.  Sad. 

The lion share of the ill gotten loot or plunder sat in a checking account somewhere and then disappeared.  This point closed our stipulation of what “un-love” poverty means because it seems that it was okay to rob this government’s treasury.  So we pray, “help us God” to recover this loot which was well engineered by one elected then and re-elected again to the same governing authority in our government.

We dare ask our new inaugurated Governor to the People’s Governor Office to un-love the deeds committed by the person who he sat with side by side governing in the People’s Governor Office for more than three years.  Mathematically, if this Governor un-love the un-love poverty caused by Victor Hocog, all love then is restored to the poorest among the poorest people of the CNMI.  If the Governor mistakenly pursue this according to the “Help me God” he was asking God to intercede in and with him, he would make God happy and become a steward of God’s ways. God never cries, but if our esteemed act and progress rightly, God will rumble with joy of enlightenment.  We, all the NMI people, like that.  So, “help us God” that our deserving Governor would do the right action of progress for us and you our Almighty God.

Let’s all pray to rid our CNMI Government by distancing itself of all “un-love” propensities and potentialities in any form or shape so that our poorest among us would never have to worry about the “un-love” poverty causes chosen by all or any elected leaders in our government.

If “Help me God” is a keeper to all elected leaders, here is what Mathew 22: 37-38 hinted about this crossroad:  “You should love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.”  Hence, we all are admonishing our elected leaders not to gain or profit from the love to “un-love” and cause much harm to the poverty of the poorest among poorest among us.  We ask that our elected leaders pledge their faith to God who they are asking for help and guidance in their request for “help me God.”

Caveat to all elected and stay-in elected leaders of this CNMI Government, we are watching and shame on you for gaming and plundering God’s Love gift.  Let us all note, that God’s visit to these islands and people come in mysterious ways, please sit down and come to terms with the arrival of Typhoon Yutu.

The writer is a resident of Kanat Tabla, Saipan.