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OPINION | Truth or dare? Things that make you go, hmm

AMERICAN and foreign bankers are facing a sobering challenge with Trump’s new business and immigration rules.

Also affected are Willie Tan, IPI, HANMI and the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. In fact they are freaking out right now as the Trump rhetoric intensifies over  border-wall politics and other hot issues.

While I sympathize with our CNMI lawmakers’ decision to fight Trump’s totally bad decisions it’s still a big fraud both ways, and it’s unacceptable.

But how long are they going to keep up this corruption? Like it’s okay for a Chinese CEO to buy NMI lawmakers with the voters’ approval.

This is insane and crazy folks.

Like it’s okay to cheat U.S.-CNMI workers or American middle-class taxpayers as these mega CEO’s build their own conflicts of interest because of greed and never mind American principles or U.S. federal laws.

Since when did we start to say it’s okay to be hostile to our American families? Or when  did we say that it’s okay to back down on  abuses?

Corporate executives are on full panic mode right now, their supply of cheap labor is threatened when Trump got serious and fired his own illegal, cheap and undocumented workers.

They thought it was all talking points but as it turns out they think their cheap labor hiring is going to dry up soon this year.

So in boardroom meetings they were saying it’s been great with the easement on U.S. bank regulations because they have been making trillions of dollars.

But these corporate executives should have known better. When buying up politicians, they ought to know what they’re getting themselves into, right folks?

Imagine if you’re Willie Tan, IPI HANMI, the Saipan Chamber of Commerce or NMI lawmakers. I would be freaking out too and I would find a way to lie more.

Folks, these guys in office who are having their meeting and getting together are the Coke CEO, the Chase Bank CEO and others who were bailed out by U.S. taxpayers when the economy crashed.

They took trillions and trillions of dollars from taxpayers and both party establishments bailed them out. It all happened under Democrat and GOP administrations.

Both party establishments took money from the American people to pay their crooked partners who included Wall Street bankers and others involved in the financial crash of 2008.

They were too big to fail and they also destroyed family lives with toxic home loans and unfunded pensions and 401k’s

People must understand that  unfair mistreatment is not the reason we become U.S. citizens.

Our government must enforce our U.S.-CNMI constitutions. We cannot let outside influence  corrupt our local government.

So tell me! These corporations or CEO’s want to pay 4 dollars an hour instead of 12 dollars an hour because they have bought U.S. and NMI lawmakers to look the other way. This is unacceptable. This is wrong

These are illegal immigrants in the states who pick fruits because they don’t have the power to fight corrupt businesses. Remember Jamie Dimon, the bank CEO who thumbs his nose at U.S. bank consumer regulation officers? This is a guy who took trillions of dollars from U.S. bank customers during the economic crash in 2008.

I would prefer to call these CEOs greedy crooks instead of calling them their real names or their titles.

Their CEO boardroom meeting is nothing more but an attempt to keep defrauding U.S. taxpayers and all the hard-working people in the United States and the CNMI.

This is like the snake telling Eve, to eat the apple, deceiving humanity  for the sake of greed and selfish, evil desires as well as for the love of money.

Our own U.S. currency says, “In God we trust.” But believe me I will never trust CEO’s or U.S.-CNMI lawmakers because they are connected in corruption.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.