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OPINION | Sensitive government information

IT’S possible that the American public will be disappointed if information about the Trump investigations is withheld from the people due to its sensitive nature.

Because it involves Russians we may not get everything we want to know about the investigations because they may involve top U.S. secrets.

A man like Trump will do everything he can to totally deny any wrongdoing so don’t be disappointed if the Russian collusion investigation is shelved due to some government secrecy law.

Trump seems to be sued by almost everyone every day. He is accused of not paying his contractors and implementing bad policies since he cheated his way into office.

The latest lawsuit against Trump is from six immigrant families. It is no different from other lawsuits against Tinian Dynasty in the CNMI filed by its former employees.

But the families suing Trump are also part of the families separated at the U.S. border.

Due to unnecessary pain, suffering and trauma inflicted on these immigrants, more families may come forward and join the lawsuit.

If this case is allowed to move forward in the U.S., the immigrants’ lawyers will challenge Trump’s new immigration policies.

The six families were in the United States when they were all arrested so they are protected by our U.S. laws.

American citizens or not, they should seek justice.

Can they settle? Do they have a standing? These families include mothers and fathers whose children were taken away from their parents. The parents were not told where their kids were going. They were not told how long they were going to be separated from their children. This is a very insane move.

The parents didn’t know where their children were locked up in what city in the U.S. They were not allowed to contact their kids.

Imagine if you’re a mother who fears that her kids will be thrown into a cage and subjected to cruel, unfair, unacceptable and ruthless mistreatment.

These parents fear that their kids are being abused in custody by immigration contractors who don’t even care about these kids because all they care about is their company’s generating profits.

In fact, most of these kids cannot be located today by immigration officers and some have gotten sick or worse in the hands of these hired contractors who lie a lot too.

Most of the kids were not in the U.S. immigration accounting system so they could be lost already. It’s sad.

Lawyers are filing lawsuits to highlight an immigration policy problem. They want to bring this issue to public attention and force  changes. U.S. 20th century history has shown us how powerful such lawsuits are in changing our country. Tobacco use, seat-belts, pharmaceutical tests — these were highlighted by lawsuits filed decades ago.

The lawsuit filed by the lawyers of the migrant families is not about a safety or security issue. The policy of separating migrant families will not deter people from coming into our country. But it was a policy that was implemented to prove to the whole world how ruthless Trump is.

Trump’s recent emergency declaration is nothing more than fulfilling his promise to his friends on FOX News, to Rush Limbaugh and his voters who also want Mexico to pay for his wall.

His wall is racist, prejudiced, hateful and discriminatory. And it is a proposal rejected by a majority of Americans, according to a recent poll.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.