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OPINION | Trump’s tariffs, trade war hurt American farmers

THE U.S. GOP last year bailed out U.S. farmers because Trump’s trade war and tariffs hurt many of them.

There has been a lot of discussion among those who live in the Midwest and these include farmers who are suffering and struggling because of Trump’s trade war with China.

They talk among themselves. They ask themselves if their lives have improved since they voted for Trump — if their lives got better under his administration. Some said  his policies have made things harder for them. They got hit hard by Trump’s tariffs. Many farmers have to file for bankruptcy.

Under the Trump administration, the deregulation that favors most corporates also affects us all environmentally. Some of these corporations are polluting our drinking water or the air we breathe.

Since the Trump administration pulled out the U.S. from the climate-change summit, it has really affected the work of our U.S. EPA, and this has hurt us Americans.

But many farmers voted overwhelmingly for Trump in the last election so do they deserve what is happening to them today?

That is for me to report and for you the audience to decide. Our American farmers feed us wherever we are in the world.

Ninety-six percent of U.S. farmers have been affected by Trump’s trade war, and that is a big blow to our nation’s financial situation.

But Trump insists he is doing something about it. He’s not. And I don’t think it’s fair that U.S. taxpayers have to bail out these farmers who voted for Trump.

U.S. GOP lawmakers cannot just throw billions of dollars at these farmers because their GOP president messed up big time and hurt these farmers.

The Trump trade war has cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars.

On top of that, add the trillions in dollars in the U.S. budget deficit. It’s moronic to say “make America great again” then turn around and make the lives of taxpayers miserable.

Trump is misleading Americans to cover up all the waste, fraud and corruption in his administration. For this president, lying is the new “normal.”

Also voting for Trump overwhelmingly are the evangelicals even though he keeps lying to all of us. This is wrong.

Instead of countries buying from our U.S. famers they go to Australia and others because of Trump’s trade war and tariffs.

U.S. farmers are regretting voting for Trump. Their livelihood has been totally affected by his trade policies.

I don’t want to put down my own country, but I have a job to do here as a civics U.S.-CNMI investigative reporter to protect my U.S.-CNMI American families.

Does it get any better for the CNMI to go to Washington and beg the U.S. through 902 talks again due to the Trump administration’s bad immigration policies that hurt our CNMI?

It’s my job to put the U.S.-CNMI  and this hot potato issue under the microscope because this is our U.S.-CNMI investments we are trying to save here.

And by the way, Mr. President, thank you for helping us after the typhoons but why do you have to harm us by imposing your crazy immigration policies on the CNMI?

The CNMI must find real solutions to ensure economic recovery after Typhoon Yutu which destroyed our islands.

The CNMI and Guam are now reeling from Trump’s surprise attack on much needed workers.

 But I also agree with the honorable Ed Propst. We have to start treating our U.S. or foreign workers with dignity and respect. We are not Communist China or Russia!

Investors who abuse our workers should be investigated by CNMI lawmakers, especially the corrupt and shady investors. Throw them out of our islands!

I have a lot of trust and love for our CNMI House minority bloc members. They are going to enforce transparency and open government in the CNMI!

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.