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OPINION | Purpose, significance and relevance

IF one has a desire and attracted to fulfill needs and wants by finding membership to a group which offer as a conduit to getting valuable benefits, then joining a legitimate non-profit association is a desired way for that purpose.

The purpose of the association presents a significant and relevant value that urges one to commit and appreciate the core value of membership. The personalized level examination thrills expectation in that a person would necessarily ask “why am I here?” Thus, one finds the purpose of and by a desired organization giving good reasons to finding satisfaction over its significance and relevance. What worthwhile rewards for life and the pursuit of usefulness and actualization over a personal or even deeper commitment give rise to making the mutual win-win exchanges. This elevates the personal expectation and the fulfillment can predictably produce satisfaction from the going concern relationship of membership. Thus, one useful the psychological or social impacts that come from membership is worthwhile and purposeful association that helps in living in a complex life situations.

Many of your readers are members to diverse and selective non-profit associations or organizations. Membership to any formal or informal organization is driven by good reasons that formed the relevant factors and considerations. One finds relevance and significance a value that makes good sense and acceptable in pursuit of needs and wants to be fulfilled and actualized. Hence, no one joins a group of people not knowing what is to be expected and without just promises and commitments of the association.

The point is when a formal organization elects to go public with the broadcast or narrow-cast of association’s business gives credence the seriousness of fulfillment of its public objective purpose. It remains to exist as its public domain platform upon which all business performed are the subjects for all the world to know through appropriate and honest engagement. The organization of a publicly sanctioned non-profit status is its going concern entity by which it announces its purpose it promised to adhere to and deliver in due course. Hence, being public means that the leadership of the association elected to be covered by a sanctioning public jurisdiction that sets all regulating standards, processes and procedures. This boxing of the sanctions places that good faith and self-regulating principles to sustain the recognition of being a registered and sanctioned public sector non-profit association. Usually, such sanctioned after the approval of the association’s identity and purposeful existence, the state jurisdiction registers the approval by issuing its identifying certification designating the approval and assurance the registered entity would function as presented by the non-profit association’s by-laws and Articles of Incorporation chartering its existence. Once the state recognizes the official status of the registered non-profit association through the filing of Articles of Incorporation and sustaining association’s By Laws, the status of the association is in the public domain. This means that every action and all official business of the association are in the public domain and all information in its possession relating to membership and paper trails of all fulfillment of its public actions shall be in the public domain. This is usually recorded and reported in the official website of the regulating and administering state authority having jurisdiction over all registered and recognized non-profit associations.

One such public recognized association that aspired by a group of former NMI people who moved to the continental U.S. sharing interests formed the Northern Mariana Islands Association of Washington State and known by its constitution as the CNMI Association. Its public domain recognition and official status under the Laws of the State of Washington’s Secretary of State has given its recognition and registered as UBI: 602-778-876 certified association. This CNMI Association was a registered non-profit and its recognition expiring on November 18, 2018. The website of the State of WA Office of the Secretary of State is: Anyone can have access to this website to find any information about the CNMI Association’s files and history entered by the SOS.

Membership in a non-profit association does have its own drawbacks when the dictates of the association begins to chirp or nibble on ethical, legal, due process principles and moral considerations. These drawbacks could have some adverse and chilling effects when the association’s invisible hands begin to turn the corner and acts outside its intended purpose. Usually, the life and workings of a non-profit are kept confined to the four corners of its existence. When conflicts occur and they do present real challenges on regular basis or even on few-and-far-between time lines, the focus of the association holds up in question. Only if revealed under the watchful eye of the regulating authority that sanctioned the recognition of legitimacy of the association, public disclosure would stand motionless. This is the case in which the state jurisdiction leaves such self checking and adjudication to the respective association’s internal means in which they own the problem solving. Most of the time when conflicts occur or repeat itself, the most convenient measure taken by association’s officers would be to silent the source and cause the ultimate force out. I am a case on point of malignant ploy as a member of the NMI Association. I would like to express my dealings and challenge of an association that goes out of its way from its intended purpose.

First of all, in order for your reader in particular those reading your publications in the Oregon and Washington areas, you need to know. I would continue to establish all unimpeachable facts over the consequences of asking questions that subsequently became the subject of adverse vindictiveness of an association preferred conclusion. Members could be totally ignorant of unimpeachable facts to situations in which situations turned into irrational total disarray, where truth turned upside down which ended being interpreted with such stupendous animosity. Here I would continue to express how events became the wrong way from its factual origin. Frankly, a sad display of humanity best by people not knowing the what exactly is precise nature of the tip of the spear they inflicted on themselves. I promise your readers the irony and hypocrisy caused by irrational behaviors and conflicts. A human tragedy unfolded, maybe with or without their spiritual underpinnings.

First, certain parts of the minutes of meeting date of the November 2017 official association meeting, meeting date of March 2018, and meeting date of January 2019 should be disclosed as the association purposefully elected to set aside dramatic events happened during the course of these assemblage. Specific factual discussions in these meetings were purposefully redacted or intentionally removed. By making these addendum in the minutes to these meetings, one could form the impression of the officers and how misinformed members processed irrational actions.. A subsequent article will follow to forewarn all NMI people with the caveat of caution. Some great things can be so beneficial, but also expect to conquer unexplained disappointment.

Addendum to the November 2017 official NMI Association meeting should include the following:

The president made an uproar by pounding and flipping the table at the front row, and stood up in which he harassed Mr. Francisco R. Agulto. The presiding officer harassed subject by yelling profanity using invective and abusive word phrases and gestures that were uncalled for and displaying odd behavior. Mr. Agulto responded to a inquiry of Mr. Sablan whether any question over the reported financial statement being submitted. Mr. Agulto requested for clarification since the report did not appear to state what it was and queried whether the cash balance it was stated were that in bank account. So, Mr. Agulto suggested that if the bank account balance was what stated by the Treasurer’s Report, could the bank statement be disclosed so that it can be reconciled. The president refused to disclose the bank account statement. The president was outraged and harassed Mr. Agulto with invective language in word phrases and inhumane words translating his frustration and anger.

Addendum to the minutes of the March 2018 official Association meeting in Lacey WA.:

The president harassed Mr. Francisco R. Agulto using expletive vulgar and invective word phrases and language, that the presiding officer got out of his chair and stormed over to where Mr. Agulto was sitting and continued his harassment toward the subject, yelling in a loud voice and gesturing wildly as well. Mr. Sablan responded over a question Mr. Agulto raised regarding the Treasurer’s Report in which Mr. Agulto reiterated the need to disclose the bank account statement in order to reconcile the reported Treasurer’s Report. The line of questions asked by Mr. Agulto cause Mr. Sablan to express his anger and inhumane behavior. No physical exchange resulted. Mr. Agulto stood his calmness and may have avoided a stressful encounter with the presiding official.

Addendum to the minutes of the January 2019 official association’s meeting in Spanaway, WA.:

An argument raised by the acting President, Mr. Jonathan Atalig over a phone call Mr. Agulto made regarding the shipment of donated goods being readied at a Spanaway venue for the relief effort on the disaster by typhoon Yutu. Mr. Atalig failed to report the true nature of that call that Mr. Agulto made indicative that he called Jonathan to offer a suggestion in order to defray the cost of shipment for the shipping container being readied for voyage to Saipan consisting of relief goods for victims caused by typhoon Yutu. Mr. Agulto recommended this alternative effort to find sources that would have assumed the payment of shipping cost, thus saving the association by preserving cash in the amount of $1,750.00.

Mr. Editor, this is a case of a good turned bad. It was one that for no good reason manifested itself lead the way to irrational conclusions and poor processing of information. With respect to the Treasurer’s Report information, I know precisely the short coming of this report because it could not be verified without the authenticity of the bank account statement. It was the president’s position and so as the treasurer that the cash balance information was what in the bank account. There was good reason to ask for the disclosure of the bank account statement as this would be the only way to reconcile the cash resources for the satisfaction of the members. In the case of the faulty report over my suggestion would have secured saving of substantial relief defray all shipping cost associated to the relief good in shipping container. After I found several sources who were willing to offer help on the association’s behalf, that became a futile and wasted opportunity cost that should have done good for the association. The information Mr. Atalig erroneously insinuated ended in a pool of poor and convoluted information by which confused the members. All these events turned the tide against my good intention, and the association turned it into a fest of deception among the cliques from which I now leveled the villain and the association as the victim.

The caveat is obvious and worthwhile a forewarning. The old saying, “Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family.” I tried my best to do good even trying to use metaphor and hints processing information, but somehow I bumped into hard headed irrational adults. It is sad, but I made my point and will continue to pray that something could be settled. I am certain another follow-up article would make this matter turn the way to calm the storm.

In making this allegations let me just point out this human frailness and capture the ones that really needs spiritual and humble hand held walk with Thee. I say to you: If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful or handsome? I leave the view for now, but for sure this will clear out in due time. I have always set high standards in that I always give reasoned restrain in situations like this. Leveling the playing field should clarify the stupidity of how irrational people flawed their ways and not knowing it in their common paradigm. I remain at peace, and peace I give you. And, this way I say that I do not hate my sister. I just lost respect for you. God Bless all.