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OPINION | The death epitaph of CNMI democracy (3)

THE CNMI voters need to be reminded that “Competition BREEDS Quality” which is why my wife & BOO (Lillian) and I pushed our daughters to compete in sports and in life and the CNMI has witnessed the results.

But there is NO REAL Competition for decision making and making laws in the CNMI. So consequently there is NO real Quality in our Government’s decisions and outcomes making which is why we keep seeing, hearing and feeling AUSTERITY! I hope readers can now see why we have been on this Austerity Rollercoaster of the GOP for over a decade of having money during election time and dead broke afterwards. One definition of insanity is “to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result” — the CNMI fits this description when it comes to our political elections. When I tell people on the mainland that we only have a Republican Party in our Government they think is the CRAZIEST thing they have ever heard, for TRUE!!! If you think I’m lying put it to the test so you can see for yourself how RIDICULOUSLY SILLY the CNMI looks to our fellow Americans as an ENTIRE People of the CNMI, not just locals.

God KNEW what he was doing when he sent me out here and I know there will always be opposition to my efforts! But I now know in my heart that the CNMI really needed someone like me (a different breed) even though many didn’t realize it nor will others admit it. The CNMI can’t find genuine sustained prosperity until we have a REAL Democracy (Two-Party System) and even then it will still be hard. But I can only pray that my analysis of our Democracy will touch and even inspire the hearts and minds of the RIGHT People with the Right Stuff to come forward and give birth to a NEW Democratic Party of the CNMI. I used to hope to see a Black President and now I’m PRAYING to see our Democracy alive and well again.

I’m wrote this article about this extremely critical issue of Democracy that weighs heavily on the CNMI even though many citizens may not even realize what is really happening to THEIR Islands because NOW is the time to start getting ready to make CHANGE and REAL SUSTAINED PROGRESS a reality. I’m sure the People of the CNMI are not stupid if given a genuine alternative to a totally GOP controlled Government. I think many CNMI citizens need to pay more attention to the National Politics of our nation as they are a genuine reflection of the Politics in the CNMI but our GOP have a significant advantage because there is NO Democratic Party to place genuine CHECK on our GOP’s activities — it is really as clear and plan as DAYLIGHT that we need a strong & vibrant Democratic Party to have a strong & vibrant Government!!!

Without a doubt the CNMI has progressed as when I first came here there were NO Red-lights, NO four-lane roads and so-on. The point I’m trying to make is that the People were “PLAYED ON” with that “Progress BS” as progress is also a NATURAL Phenomenon that will take place to a large degree anyway regardless of who is leading. The CNMI’s problem is we continue to be right back where we started in Austerity Mode and this has gone on for almost two decades. You would think voters and those who could lead for the Democrats will get tired of this Rollercoaster ride after a decade or more of riding the SAME Darn Thing, the GOP! The GOP was so strong and in control of the CNMI at one time they split into Three Parties (Covenant, GOP & Independent Republicans) with NO Democrat in sight. What a Political Circus this has been to watch from the perspective of a Political Scientist. Readers need to know that Progress is not always the whimsical ability of the Governor or Legislature but actually driven from EXTERNAL Forces as we live on an ISLAND, duh! Much of our destiny has always relied on outside forces and how we deal with the external forces that weigh on our society. In fact, tooooo much of our economy now lies on the fate of the Chinese to a very large degree. This is very serious stuff but many are just taking it all in like everything is “honky-dory,” HELLER! Just look at how the GOP ruined our relationship with the Feds causing them to take-over our immigrations as they were warned to CHANGE their ways by the Feds and ME but not a Democratic Party to represent the other side of the isle on the issue. Just think that maybe and IF we had a Democratic Party at that time things could be a lot different and a lot better now with OUR control of Immigration.

Readers need to know that just as the GOP on the mainland has become the “Trump Party” our own GOP has become the “Torres Party” that is being run the very SAME WAY! Most readers know that IF you go against the GOP and the Governor that “YOU WILL FEEL THEIR WRATH.” I personally know of one individual who was FORCED to resign from our Government by the Governor himself just because they did not want to run under the Republican Banner. No respect, no ethics, and completely like Donald Trump — so please pay more attention to the-devil-in-the-details of our Government’s activities as you will be flabbergasted at some of the unsavory things you will find. But it is these types of untold stories of the misuse of power by officials in the CNMI that never get attention. I can’t blame these people for not coming forward to expose the GOP because that’s just how it is on this small island and more importantly they KNOW there is NO Democratic Party to support people in this same position — so it remains unexposed but they didn’t calculate on ME. Readers also need to know the Torres Administration is also planning to run again so that he can be Governor for a THIRD Term — where are the future Democrat Leaders to challenge this unacceptable phenomenon? I still believe that ONE ORDINARY PERSON can still make EXTRA ORDINARY things happen and it will only take ONE genuine Leader to breathe NEW LIFE into our Democracy.

Our GOP has constantly been talking about our “Political Status” with the United States for over a decade and even created a Legal Group & Process for addressing this issue. There has been no survey no public hearing or anything to JUSTIFY these activities but they continued because there is no Democratic Party to represent the other side of the issue for the People. Changing or even discussing the change of our Political Status without the CONSENT of the PEOPLE is WRONG! All the People in the CNMI are NOT die-hard Republicans as many people think more like Democrats but there is just no Democratic Leadership. I’m sure there are many CNMI citizens who DO NOT want to throw their U.S. Citizenship away for the GOP’s Racially Driven Politics of “Locals Only” as many Locals leave for the mainland as soooooon as they get the opportunity, DUH!

There is a genuine infection within the GOP that has festered into a fully blown illness that is adversely affecting every man, woman and child in the CNMI. On the mainland they call it “White Supremacy & White Nationalism” but here with no Democratic Party it hasn’t really been labeled for what it is “Local Superiority” which is really just another form of racism using Culture for a shield and rational. There is always talk about the Culture and yet NO GOP Administration has taken the steps to simply preserve the culture by creating a Cultural Curriculum in writing that will SAVE the entire Culture Forever as the Culture will then be able to be TAUGHT, duh! A Cultural Curriculum will have EVERYTHING that a Chamorro or Carolinian should know about their culture so it can be TAUGHT as preserving the culture is solely an educational activity. But you can’t educate when you don’t have the book (curriculum) to teach. I’m sure most Locals are missing a lot of knowledge about their culture already and more will be lost everyday especially when the Manamko’ who have this knowledge are leaving us almost daily. Pretty soon it will be toooooo darn late to document it all but that’s another story that Democrats should be telling. But readers need to know our Government nor PSS, won’t create a Chamorro & Carolinian Curriculum because the idea came from Ambrose M Bennett, the outsider — what a shame! The People continued to get shafted and wouldn’t even know it if I didn’t speak up when it should be Democratic Leaders doing what I’m doing. One people one direction for a NEW Democratic Party to save our Democracy!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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