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OPINION | The death epitaph of CNMI democracy (4)

FOR those who don’t think we need a Democratic Party I feel really sorry for YOU as your ignorance about Democracy is truly BLISS for you!

For those who think our GOP is doing great and doesn’t need the check of a Democratic Party I also feel sorry for you as your ignorance is also BLISS! For those Politicians who still want to be a Republican but not a member of our GOP I feel sorry for you as your ignorance is Bliss too! You won’t find Independents doing anything significant in the American Political Arena and you are just playing safe politics for YOURSELF being an Independent so you can stay in office when you should be running for CHANGE based on the MERITS! You won’t find Independents in the U.S. Congress just ask Kilili why he HAD TO align himself with the Democratic Party — we have a two-party system and you are either on one side of the isle or the other. Many of our Independents are really MORE aligned with the Democratic Party but are more AFRAID of losing than promoting the PEOPLE and what needs to be done! Our Independents need to get off the fence as genuine leaders are “risk-takers” who will put their DAGGAN on the line for the People! Just think about all the people who have sacrificed their life for ideals and We the People of the CNMI are only asking for YOU to put a seat in Government on the line.

Nobility & Sacrifice are scarce qualities when it comes to the Leadership of the People in the Political Arena leaving us regular folks with Politicians who play to the media more than the people, they practice of Safe-politics instead of taking risk and they even use Political Smoke & Mirrors (lies) to stay in office. Remember the boasting about the Biggest Budget Ever and the words “PROGRESS-PROGRESS-PROGRESS” just FIVE MONTHS AGO. Well, the People bought those words hook-line & sinker but got AUSTERITY-AUSTERITY-AUSTERITY in return for their vote of confidence. I’m glad they weren’t my parents when it comes to budgeting & planning. Anyway, the fact is the GOP generated a clearly questionable budget they could brag about but it went UN-CHECKED by a Democratic Party and now REALITY sets in — HELLER Voters. I hope voters can now see who the ugly Political Play of the “Biggest Budget Ever” joke was on Voters, as “this Bell Tolls really for THEE”!!!

Personally, I truly like our Governor and many people within the GOP but that doesn’t mean they are good leaders and that I agree with everything they do and fail to do. I have said before many times that “I Love the People & CNMI much more than I love any single Politician” which is why I wrote this article that NEEDED to be written “I’m not fearing any man.” I also don’t take any pleasure in this and in fact it is almost heart wrenching from the disappointment of my efforts. I truly tried to work with our Governor & the Legislature but I have only recently recognized the fact that they just USED ME to help them make Marijuana Legal for VOTES. The GOP didn’t want to take the lead so they just sit back and let me do the “heavy-lifting.” I know this for a fact which will come out at a later date and time — but it’s the TRUTH! If this Democrat Ambrose Bennett had not been so active promoting legalization you can bet Marijuana might not be Legal today in the CNMI. But they don’t want me even involved anymore and they still messed it up because they didn’t do everything like the Consultant whom they HIRED to help them told them to do — that was ME! So if you are wondering why nothing is happening with the Legalization issue it’s just another one of my “I TOLD YOU SOs.” But more importantly where was our Democratic Party when the Legalization issue was going on — HELLER! Now readers can see WHY we need a totally NEW Democratic Party that was even “shanghaied” during election time by people wanting to lead who haven’t said or done anything prior to the election.

Democrats need to reorganize and get busy quick, fast and in a hurry NOW so YOU can start putting a check on EVERYTHING the Governor and our Legislature does or does-not do EVERYDAY! This form of holding our Leaders accountable is what we see EVERYDAY on the mainland and what we need in the CNMI but there are absolutely NO Checks on the GOP in the CNMI unless it’s one of us CNMI Patriot Opinion Writers like myself writing in the paper which is almost totally ineffective as one person. Heck, many of the GOP and Independents will act like they never even read this and some won’t read it out of pure ignorance and hate. We the People need the Democrats to come forward and help us hold our leaders accountable NOW as this is the kind of mouth to mouth necessitation that is needed to breathe NEW Life into the Democratic Party and into the CNMI. The Democrats can’t afford to sit on the fence and watch our Political Arena activities and not say or do anything as that’s one of the main reasons why no one wants to vote for the Democrats — no doing a darn thing!!!! Democrats and Independents shouldn’t wait until election season to complain about the GOP saying they did this and didn’t do that when YOU (Democrats) didn’t do a DARN THING for FOUR DARN YEARS!!! Stop letting this GOP administration just do what it wants and start pleading the Democrats stance on issues now and voters will remember and even be appreciative just as many will truly appreciate this article.

The CNMI actually has some very good Independents in office but they are “singled-out” and they are an “EXTREMLY Small Minority” virtually powerless. Our Independents in office now have an EXCELLENT opportunity to turn the tide in their favor given this GIGANTIC BLUNDER by the GOP taking us backwards to AUSTERITY. You can bet that after this opinion article there will be many voters along with me PRAYING you will get off the fence and join Kilili to create a NEW Democratic Party as its TRUE. THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! More importantly the People need for the Democratic Party to be reborn with People they can truly believe in and trust and YOU already fit that description perfectly as already elected officials. Why be an Independent-Republican or an Independent-Democrat and still be pushed to the sideline by our powerful GOP — just look at how the GOP treats Kilili. Kilili has NEVER gotten the help, support and cooperation he deserves regardless of his Party affiliation but who pays the cost for the GOP’s thirst to control the Washington Delegate. YES, We the People and OUR Islands suffer. Am I trying to start something? YES, as something NEW needs to get started or we will just keep going around and around like we have done for over a decade on the same old GOP Rollercoaster Ride to nowhere, just back to Austerity? Voters should never forget the Big Budget to Austerity, Extra Casino Money for election time back to Austerity Again, for TRUE!

I have warned our Leaders and the People on many occasions about our Democracy being in ICU but they didn’t LISTEN! I even wrote numerous articles of “I TOLD YOU SO” and I still continue to have to say I TOLD YOU SO like a parent because there is NO Democratic Party. Our so-call Democrats only say something about the GOP when its Election Time but we need them EVERYDAY to place a check on the GOP so we can STOP this Rollercoaster and even get off!!! As readers can tell I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the present and the past GOP Administrations going back YEARS and our GOP Legislature. Our GOP is for Locals ONLY and readers need to know that FACT-HELLER VOTERS! We the People (ALL Republicans & All Democrats, All Locals & ALL U. S. Citizens) will ALL find prosperity TOGETHER or continue to flounder in this Political Cesspool! The GOP does get some things accomplished but just enough to entice people to keep giving them a chance. But I do blame the death of our Democracy on those Independents who are more concerned about being elected and the well-off & successful individuals who COULD lead as a Democrat but won’t make the sacrifice for their People and their Island. If fact, the Independents are the real challenge as they are actually holding the respirator to revive our Democracy and the only question is, are they liberal enough and dedicated enough to the People to put their butts on the line to save our Democracy? I can only wonder what the future will hold for the CNMI’s Politics as our Democracy is DIED! I pray this was not a total waste of my time and I want to thank the Editor for publishing this as the People of the CNMI really needed to read this as our DEMOCRAY is a very serious issue affecting all aspects of our Government, our Economy and our Social Wellbeing. One people one direction for a New COURSE-HEADING with the Democratic Party in the NEXT Mid-term & General Elections!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.