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POETRY | It’s not against the law???

“It’s not against the law,” he crowed
“So I’ve got every right!”
The stalking and intrusion
almost pushed his prey to fight.


“It’s not against the law,” said he
to justify his deed.
“It’s how I make a living, and
well, I’ve got mouths to feed.”


“It’s not against the law”
was the sole reason that he gave.
But laws are made by men,
the same who shackle and enslave.


It’s not against the law. Agreed.
Of that there’s no denial.
But rights and words of law my friend
are not what’s now on trial.


Without a moral compass
to divine your right fr om wrong.
The death of common decency
won’t be too far along.


It’s not against the law I rail
but lack of soul within.
For how long can we wait on men
‘til empathy sets in?


— Walt F.J. Goodridge