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OPINION | Conservatism v Liberalism in the NMI

AS an educator, I just can’t pass up this GREAT opportunity TEACH but the question will remain who was really paying attention in class and “GOT-IT” figuratively.

I see my previous opinions on the CNMI’s Democracy have started a new debate in the CNMI about our Government and it has now grown to the point that I am being requested to be on the Radio as the media MUST be neutral, fair & balanced which is why you have been reading my opinions — THANKS Editor. The history of the CNMI by fate has been relegated the people to “conservatism” as change has historically been FORCED on these islands. Even when the Spanish finally left the attitude was to “wait-and-see” what the winds of change would bring. The challenge of trying to maintain the local cultures also contributed to the conservative views of many and many things from the outside were not readily acceptable especially the ideology of “liberalism”. FEAR has been one of the biggest factors contributing to the conservative views and rightfully so given the fact that CNMI has NEVER been totally independent and in full control of its destiny that has been tied to one government after the next for the past four hundred years. Liberalism was only fully embraced with the creation of the Commonwealth and the election of the FIRST Governor who was a Democrat and only one other Democrat has been elected Governor. Having only experienced two Democratic Administration the CNMI has still yet to fully embrace Liberalism and the GOP has been soooo good at continuing the FEAR with wages, immigration and a host of other conflicts with the U.S. that voters could never see the light of liberalism which promotes “true symbiosis” with our Fathers-In-Washington. The GOP has used the “unique and different argument” to no ends and the people have bought it not realizing that in America we are all EQUAL, thus we have ended up in a continuous loop of fear and conflict with the Feds and the GOP claiming to be our savior but they have LOST every battle with the Feds to date! It is truly time to change our strategy and politics for better CHANGES!

The biggest hurdle for the CNMI in creating a strong two-party system has been getting over the last Democrat Governor who was entirely tooooo liberal wanting to out-right-fight the Feds and firing everyone who didn’t want to fight. The Democrats have NEVER recovered from the last Democrat Governor as he literally destroyed any trust in the Democratic Party and he SCARED citizens with his threats to our-fathers-in-Washington as his behavior was much like #45 (Trump) today! In the 41YEARS of Governors in the CNMI We the People have ONLY experienced 8YEARS under the two Democratic Governors and I might add all those eight years were GOOD and PROSPEROUS years unlike the 33 YEARS of continuous turmoil, corruption, emergencies and austerities under the GOP (the Covenant was also GOP). Our GOP has literally become a Juggernaut Dragon when it comes to our Politics and they are EVERYWHERE! The power of our GOP has entirely tooo many people AFRAID to even challenge what they do. Heck, MPLT is controlled by former GOP elected officials and so are all the KEY Agencies in our Government as there has been a single “bipartisan” appointment to my knowledge. We the People are literally at the MERCY of the GOP without a Democratic Party. The Governor is even purchasing more NEW Political Real Estate with all his new appointments by getting rid of those not so loyal or have lost their political value. Je didn’t get rid of them because they were doing a bad job or he would have said and done something about them a lot sooner — it’s all Political maneuvering which any trained eye can see. HE is truly smart when it comes to politics but he is also “screwed and even conniving” which is sadly a trait of many or our GOP politicians.

But more recent examples of conservatism over liberalism can be found in the quest for the Casino that was really a “conservative political play” as Casinos in America have been around for nearly a century and they have traditionally become acceptable and the GOP didn’t have the “liberal consciousness nor the fortitude to find something BETTER than a Casino. And don’t forget, there were NO Democrats in Government to challenge the Casino. Many citizens would have liked to have seen a liberal and viable ALTERNATIVE such as another form of NEW manufacturing which was once a significant contributor to our Economy in the past. The fact that we already had a Casino before the Garapan Casino project is proof of this conservative approach which is why the Casino was just FORCED down our throats even after two NO Votes, one of which I help to led as I was asked by our late Bishop Camacho. Don’t forget, the GOP KILLED Tinian’s Casino. Ask WHY? The GOP got away with forcing the Casino on us because of the same thing we are going through AGAIN today with the GOP — AUSTERITY! The GOP thought it was a “safe & conservative” play with the Casino and it was but their BIG MISTAKE was giving the Casino to the WRONG Investor(s) who are now looking to the Japanese for HELP — DUH, HELLER and HA HA! The majority of voters had wanted SOMETHING and almost ANYTHING that would help to turn our economic conditions around so the GOP got away with it and it even elevated the author of the Casino Bill to become the Speaker of the House. Well, the people are now starting to see how this conservative play was not well thought out and the future is becoming more questionable every day!

Our GOP was soooo head-over-heels after their Private Jet trips and whatever else happened in China that they just THREW all the other IMPORTANT factors in the trash can and We the People could only yell from the sidelines from the lack of a Democratic Party on the other side of the isle to oppose what the GOP was doing. The Chinese literally bought the Casino deal and the CNMI even if they say no money changed hands but we see who is reaping the most benefits from the Casino — the Torres! 1. The GOP allowed the Casino to open and didn’t have to pay taxes — believe that because it’s TRUE! 2. The Casino and Hotel which was to be the “FOCAL POINT” of our Tourism to the Chinese when we don’t have a SINGLE Chinese Tourist site, duh! They were not thinking about the BIGGER Picture just the money that was being flashed in their faces! 3. The transition to give a Chinese Investor the PEARL of our Tourism (Garapan) literally KILLED our Japanese Tourism Market which was the very FOUNDATION of our Tourism Industry — DESTROYED! 4. The GOP even gave the Mariana Resort to IPI knowing it would finish off the Japanese Tourism Market and it’s in LIMBO TOO now along with the Casino. 5. No disrespect intended, but the Japanese were “excellent tourists” who were big spenders and respected the People and the overall environment of the CNMI while the Chinese have proven to be cheap spenders and disrespectful to the People and the CNMI in general. The GOP literally made us “jump out of the frying pan into the fire” and now we are seeing the results with all the illegal labor problems, the change from Best Sunshine to IPI, and now there is virtually NOTHING going on with no end to these delays in sight. Now don’t get me wrong, as there are some very good Chinese People but as a Society, especially at the top, the Chinese don’t have a GOOD Name with America and they are known for some ugly things like cutting-corners (poor labor practices) among other unsavory things. But you only need to get educated about America’s dealing with the Chinese to know I’m RIGHT!

The only reason the GOP finally gave in to full legalization is largely due to my research for the 19th Senate and many opinion articles I wrote, which they never genuinely THANKED me for. FYI readers, Legalization has now become a “conservative issue” given the number of states (43 states) that have legalized marijuana in some form. The GOP only gave me an honorable mention thank you when the Bill was signed but the Governor took all the credit in the Debate by implying “HE made it happen”! I even told the Democrats to put legalization out front and support it but they didn’t listen and we saw the results! But more importantly the conservative approach to the Bill and the actual implementation of Legalization is obviously entirely tooooo slow. Conservatism moves extremely slow while Liberalism moves at astronomical speed in comparison to conservatism. The GOP is now SLOWLY putting together THEIR Plan which obviously goes against the Liberal methodology that I suggested to the Governor and the Legislature. People should still be waiting and wondering WHEN and WHAT “ITS GONNA BE” so they can start on a personal basis and to get involved in the industry. But it’s like I said earlier, the GOP didn’t legalize marijuana so much for the local people as they did for BIG BUSINESS and I will repeat: the GOP just lowered the 10yr requirement for licenses that I suggested and now its 5yrs. so outside Investors can take over the industry after five years. YOUR beloved GOP sold ALL the local growers who have lived here all their life to investors and you can bet they will be Chinese!!! When are Locals going to WAKE-UP and see that they have been and still are being PLAYED and SOLD-OUT to the Chinese, HELLER!!!!

Liberalism would have dictated a genuine dedication to the Local People have the MOST ownership in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries but we didn’t have a Liberal voice anywhere beyond ME — the outsider! If I hadn’t begged for the Hemp Industry that wouldn’t have been included. But they still didn’t listen completely to the Liberal voice as much of what I said just FLEW RIGHT OVER THEIR HEADS. WE were supposed to have done very similar to what Guam is now doing with personal growth and use already being implemented the DAY the Bill was signed into law — duh, I TOLD YOU SO! The Liberal way I suggested to start the industry was to simply issue the three or four Licenses for the HEMP Industry by the Dept of Commerce and to use that money as our Start-up funding. In fact, the Hemp Industry in the CNMI actually has a much brighter future than Cannabis Tourism as Hemp will one-day surpass glass, fiberglass, plastic, metal, medical and wood products for manufacturing purposes but it will take a liberal train-of-thought and a lot of hard work to make our Hemp Production the Premiere Industry that it has the potential to be. But don’t expect our conservative GOP to move with any speed on the Hemp Industry as they can’t even get it right for personal use yet-ha ha. Heck, just like our GOP President who swore Mexico was going to build the Wall but is using Taxpayers money our Governor is still trying to figure out HOW to use our Taxpayers money to start the Industry in defiance of my suggested method to start our industries. There are real differences between a conservative approach and a liberal approach so voters really need to get informed on what and who they are truly supporting in our Government. But like I said before, voters need a REAL BONAFIDE Democrat Candidate for Governor and the Legislature to offer a real option to the PEOPLE, so I say again “whom does this BELL Toll FOR”!!! The difference between Conservatism and Liberalism are not just confined to the Casino and Legalization but indeed ALL aspects of life but you just have to take the time to really “LOOK at the DETAILS as the DEVIL can be found THERE”! One People one Direction for a true Democracy!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.