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OPINION | Regime change

IT’S been 21 years since We the People have experienced a Democrat Administration and I’m sure there are a lot of voters who truly WANT to CHANGE our POLITICS!

I’m sure there are a lot of voters and even the majority who would truly like to see a “Regime Change” in the CNMI — for TRUE but We the People are left to fend for ourselves without a Democratic Party to protect and promote OUR DEMOCRATIC IDEALS! Our only SAVING GRACE has been Kilili even though I have been at odds with him over some things he is still a TRUE Democrat. The people of the CNMI need to revert back to the BASICS like they did during the early years of the Commonwealth by “aligning our Administration with the Federal Administration. History tells us that the people voted for a Democrat Governor because the Democrats were in charge in Washington but somehow that approach was decimated by our politics. If voters will look at Washington Politics they will see that it is the Democrats who pushed the minimum wages, it was Democrats who push for the Social Programs, it is the Democrats who provided the MOST to the CNMI in Federal Funding and they are still doing it today as evident in Congress that is now controlled by Democrats — THANK GOD!

I know many readers don’t get Kilili’s newsletters but I would just like to share with you what the Democrats and our Delegate are doing for the CNMI while the Governor is handing down Austerity measure that are TOTALLY UNFAIR as the measures are not across-the-board but are being dictated by the Governor — it’s really a one-man show as our GOP Legislature is only a RUBBER STAMP and so are the Agency Heads, see the MESS we are IN without a Democratic Party!!! But just take a look at what the Democrats are doing in Washington for the CNMI and the Governor is manipulating these funds to fill the pockets of his top people while the first-responders end up being DEAD LAST when it comes to getting paid. I just wonder how much will it take for the Right Person with the Right Stuff to come forward and LEAD the Democratic Party and unite the People in the RIGHT Direction for a better Political System!

This Week in Congress News Courtesy of Our Democrat Delegate Kilili

  • • Marianas strong • $100m+ for Yutu recovery • Medicaid “cliff” hearing called • Working with Labor • $12m to lower electricity costs • Water, sewer set-aside increased • Marshalls debt down payment • Meeting fellow Micronesians • Bernhardt talks policy • $8.7m in covenant funds awarded • Agent Orange exposure presumed • #Be there for veterans • Bill’s goal: more current data • House passes LGBTQ rights bill • CJS ups vital program funding • School inequality bills marked • Tinian divert comments sought • Labor rule comments due 5/31 • $2.3m in compact impact funds • $289k for the arts • Congressional internships available • Opportunities • Legislative Highlights

As one can see there is a lot of money that will DIRECTLY and Positively Affect the CNMI being done by our DEMOCRATIC Controlled House of Representatives.

It is no secret our GOP Governor DOES NOT like nor does he want to work WITH Kilili which is why Angel ran against him because the Governor doesn’t want Kilili holding him ACCOUNTABLE like he has been doing and we have all witnessed the disparity between the Governor and OUR (the People’s) Delegate, not his!!! Righteous People or should I say Politicians don’t have anything to fear from accountability checks but if you are not righteous you avoid anything that could reveal who and what you really ARE, something we all learn all the time from the many messages in MASS! If we have learned anything from our National Democrats it is the fact that we need a Regime Change as they are fighting tooth & nail to hold our GOP President Accountable which is what should be taking place in the CNMI with our Governor, not Tina & Ed doing nothing more than grandstanding, as talk is cheap but ACTION changes things! I already WARNED Independents that the BAR is going to be raised to shape-up or get shipped OUT, just ask my students who will tell you “Mr. B DOES NOT PLAY” when its serious stuff!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some good people in the GOP but they are virtually POWERLESS as they have to follow-the-leader who is ALL POWERFUL and I don’t have to tell readers the wisdom about how ALL Power corrupts. That’s why we have been hearing the corruption complaints for the past 21years of GOP rule over the CNMI and yet no individual nor Party has step forward to truly lead and challenge the Power-structure that is in place which needs to be “DOWN-SIZED” quick fast and in-a-hurry starting with the next mid-term elections. We the People need for three things to fall in place to replace this GOP Regime: 1. A Democrat who is the RIGHT person. 2. The conditions being RIGHT to make the political shift to a Democratic Party (Austerity) 3. The willingness of the people to TRY the Democratic Party Again (feed-up). Well for one, the conditions are clearly set for a Regime Change and I’m relatively SURE the majority are even READY to vote for a genuine viable Democrat which leaves US the People, especially the ones in the cheap seats like myself, needing only one thing — the Right Person with the Right Stuff — this Bell continue to Toll for THEE and please don’t be ashamed to come forward because I’m ringing the Bell as true Leaders are also HUMBLE leaders. Unlike the many GOP who act soooo darn humble and respectful during election time but if you call their office to really do something it ends up being a waste of your time — for TRUE!

If readers didn’t notice, there has been sooooo much as a whisper in the news against me other than some of those you-know-what in the Comment Section. I remember the day I would see all kinds of letters addressed to AMBROSE BENNETT but the word is clearly out. “LEAVE Mr. Bennett ALONE you are only going to make it WORSE” which is truly a smart move. The Governor KNOWS that NO ONE can justifiably complain about me wanting the CNMI to have a Democratic Party as we need both Parties in order for Government to work responsibly and accountably. I am going to shake every tree, turnover every rock, look-behind every scrub & structure, and check our entire political environment from here on out until someone answers the BELL that continue to TOLL for THEE! I am more than willing to help whomever that Honorable Person will be but YOU must come forward if YOU have truly PLEDGED an ALLEGIANCE to the CNMI over our Politics and Political Leaders as both have gone awry. Personally, I think Judge Camacho who once had political desires would be an EXCELLENT Candidate for the Democratic Party as he is surly a man of “CHARACTER & INTEGRITY with the guts to fix the Democratic Party” and be our SAVING GRACE! Hope you don’t mind the complement Your Honor and I pray you will appreciate my efforts to recruit whom I believe is one of the Right Persons with the Right Stuff as it will take someone of high statue to save our Political system, certainly not me! To be continued: One people, one direction for NEW Democratic Leadership!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.