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OPINION | Regime change (2)

IT has been often said that “WE the People are the MASTERS of our FATE” and that is soooo darn TRUE to a very large degree.

The recent effort of citizens to form a NEW Group to protect the NMD interest in public lands is evidence that there are voters who KNOW the GOP can’t be trusted so citizens AGAIN must fend for ourselves without a Party and KUDOS to the New Group for making the move. But where were ALL the NMD Independents who vowed to “serve & protect” the People and their money at MPLT? Where are the NMD Independents who claim they want to hold our Governor accountable? Where are all the citizens who have a VESTED interest in the money at MPLT? Why is MPLT making Government Loans but won’t make loans to locals who want to put their land up to make sure the land is ALWAYS retained by NMDs? I could go on and on but the message is CLEAR as there should literally be THOUSANDS who want to protect the NMD money from our Governor but its like I said before — MPLT is really ALL GOP, what an ugly joke on NMDs. The GOP has been in control for a straight 21years and they have planted their Emissaries EVERYWHERE in Government so we really need an entire Party to become the watch-dogs over the GOP and to even change the present Regime, not us regular folks in the Cheap Seats!

More importantly, is the question of WHO really speaks for ALL the NMDs? What does this group really intend to DO and HOW are they going to DO IT? Will this group seek real Political Solutions or What? These questions and more are looming over the Group and I can tell readers that IF they don’t find a way that exerts REAL Political Pressure to do what is “NECESSARY & PROPER to protect the NMDs’ money” then it will just end up like the Retirement FUND — another ROBBERY that the Feds will have to collect for NMDs! This new group and MPLT should both be asking “what happened to PROSPERITY and HOW &WHEN is the Government going to pay back the CUC and the present request for a Loan”? Any Loan Agreement MUST have “COLLATERAL and a PAYBACK CLAUSE” or it won’t be worth the paper that it is written on — see the problem the Governor is creating with this loan that offers NO Guaranteed Payback!!! But it is like I TOLD YOU SO readers, MPLT is owned and controlled by the Governor and his GOP Emissaries, not the NMDs — when are the real NMDs who OWN that money going to stand up and be counted! More importantly when are the NMDs going to realize they NEED a REAL Democratic Party for the NMDs to counter the GOP’s Big Business FIRST approach? Regime Change, Regime Change, Regime Change!!!!

I am just sick and tired along with others of this madness with the GOP, especially the Governor who IS NOT a straight-shooter sorry to say as I put him to the test and he failed miserably — take it from a teacher who knows, for TRUE! But I have no desire to be a politician and the-powers-that-be have even fixed it so I can’t. But my wife has given me the green light, the doctors have given me the green light so I actually want to run for the President Position of the Democratic Party IF and only IF there is genuine support for BRAND NEW Leadership over the Party. I say this because I can remember when the Scholarship checks were over a month late and students on the mainland needed that money desperately to register or they would miss a semester. I called for parents with children depending on those checks to please help me Protest at the Governor’s Office — well I got the exposure being on the Front Page of the news Protesting but I WAS THE ONLY ONE PROTESTING — duh, as parents did NOTHING to help their own children, so sad! I couldn’t believe it as it was like the many parents didn’t care or were too afraid to protest but if that had happened on the mainland there would have been THOUSANDS in front of the Governor’s office with me. I don’t intend on being a Lone Ranger again trying to help people who don’t want to help themselves nor their children much less the CNMI. I am willing to even HELP the NMDs but that is a stretch being an outsider as some NMDs don’t embrace DIVERSITY nor do they respect the fact that I am the father of Local children with the RIGHT to speak for them!

Readers need to know the Governor has me feeling like I was during the Civil Rights Movement again and I want to work with People who are FOR-REAL about holding the GOP Accountable and even a Regime Change. But it must be citizens who ARE NOT afraid to hold the GOP accountable just as we had to hold our Federal Government Accountable for living up to the CREED of our Great Nation during the Civil Rights Movement in the struggle for Equality! The Voters of the CNMI need to come out of their Turtle Shells of Protection to break with the out-of-date cultural practices of not speaking out against their leaders and start some REAL Protesting AGAINST the Government which is WHAT the NEW GROUP should be planning — REAL ACTION, as talk is CHEAP!!!! Regime CHANGE, DEMAND for new leadership at MPLT as Locals have to know the ones who are in charge really work for the Governor, not the NMDs — for TRUE!

Voters clearly got worked-up and fed-up with Fitial but I will remind readers there was only ONE LONE LADY to put herself on the line and PROTESTED — she is TRULY an unsung CNMI SHERO! We need thousands like her now more than ever if voters truly want to hold our Governor and his Administration ACCOUNTABLE to the PEOPLE he pledged to represent. The Governor has an “honorable title” but he is simply YOUR Employee Voters so treat him like one, I am, why not YOU? It is YOUR Island as so many Locals like to profess but they let the Governor get away with selling ALL the Locals Out!!! So I ask, who’s island is it really when YOU can’t hold the Governor and his Party Accountable — it’s the Governor’s island, not YOURS, HELLER! This MPLT loan less than six months after his PROGRESS Speech LIE to get elected is literally saying that voters are STUPID and that WE (the GOP) can get away with anything just like #45 (Trump) said “ he could get away with murder in broad daylight” and our Governor is a starch support of Trump — so go figure what NMDs and all Voters need to do? YES, just like the Democrats in Washington are working on tooth & nail to generate Accountability and even a Regime Change which also needs to be on the horizon in the CNMI! To be continued: One People one direction for a NEW Regime in the CNMI or we continue to flounder in what has become a GOP CESSPOOL of Austerity after Austerity with no REAL LASTING PROSERITY!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.