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OPINION | Change is the NMI’s best hope if people want real results from their lawmakers

IF I had a choice I would replace all the local GOP failed officials in a heartbeat to alleviate the hardships and the struggles families are facing today.

It seems that money trumps moral law. It is the cancer around the world today as we witness how corruption leads to human suffering and human hunger. It’s devastating to the poor and the sick.

The GOP’s U.S. immigration policies have killed children. It’s horrendous, cruel and reckless just to create chaos because you hate Mexicans or Chinese.

Even the U.S.-China trade war has hurt a lot of Americans including U.S. farmers who are reeling from Trump’s trade policies. It’s my way or the highway for Trump. The GOP Senate can change course but they are scared of Trump. Chickens?

CNMI voters, your lawmakers must do their jobs to improve the lives in the Commonwealth.

The same with the U.S. Trump can brag about the good economy but if 30,000 American families are losing their jobs then how is that good for them?

You cannot just mistreat our U.S. corporations because if you do that then thousands of people will lose their jobs.

Here in Portland, Oregon, Amazon is hiring but it is having a hard time because of lack or shortage of workers, and these are $12 or $15 an hour jobs.

Technically, thousands and thousands of jobs are open but employers cannot find enough workers, especially those who meet technical requirements.

I myself have technical experience but I have a responsibility to fight for my wife’s guardianship first before I take a job from Amazon.

My point is, there may be new jobs but it is hard to fill certain jobs. This is why there is still a need to hire from other countries but Trump’s policies are making it harder for employers to hire the workers the need.

Many investments in the U.S., including the CNMI, really depend on Trump’s immigration policies and pronouncements.

I cannot stress enough how these policies can affect our livelihood in the CNMI which must be given special consideration due to its size, geography and demographics.

While I have nothing against the old CNMI recycled Republicans, it’s obvious that they have failed to improve important infrastructure that our islands badly needs, and if these local GOP officials don’t get replaced then we have to blame CNMI voters.

We must learn from our mistakes. We can’t just keep voting for corruption, incompetence or bad performance that only makes life harder for our people. We need effective, exceptional and smart leaders who can produce real results for CNMI.

Let’s take landowners’ compensation. Administration after administration has failed to pay all our landowners, some of whom have passed away without seeing a dime of their money.

As a CNMI son and writer, it’s my job and duty to push lawmakers or lawyers to release our landowners’ compensation because our people can spend that money in our economy today.

The judgement against this local GOP is stacking up. It is unlawful not to pay off all our native landowners. You want respect? Then do your jobs now!

Trump is not respected around the world so the CNMI GOP must not expect respect from our native landowners if the CNMI government cannot pay its obligations to landowners, right folks?

Whatever I’m doing today as a CNMI son, I do it to honor my great-great-grandma who was a traditional medicine woman in her time, and my father who was also a medicine man in his time.

It’s my job as a CNMI son to uphold our ancestors’ traditional core values with respect, decency and humility. I know that my great-great-grandma would be proud of me today as I stand up and fight for our CNMI family sacred core values.

My father was tough on me to do what was right for our families. He was no different from my great-great-grandma. They both healed our people in their time. I chose to be a CNMI writer to do my part for the CNMI.

My father once said that CNMI lawmakers were looking for foreign investors’ interests instead of protecting the interests of all our native people. Those words still ring true today.

I will continue to fight for what is right for our landowners. So bring it on guys. I like to help our native people today by writing for justice and advocating for them.

I just want to be like my great-great-grandma or my father in helping people. In my case, I do it through my writing as I honor my ancestors’ legacy which has been passed down to me.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.