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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI Democracy (23): Dreamers or losers & teachers

I REALLY want to thank a commenter for telling me to “KEEP Dreaming” as it dawned on me that DREAMING has been a missing factor for entirely tooo many Locals.

Being an African-American I can tell readers that we are some of the BIGGEST DREAMERS in America from wanting to overcome slavery-Jim Crow & Segregation just find some taste of Equality and Prosperity and we are still fighting. One of the BEST things that has EVER happened to African Americans and even for the entire world is the fact that Dr. King “HAD a DREAM” that we continue to pursue today in many parts of America and even in the CNMI. But I don’t think I’m the only one who dreams of the CNMI having a better government and being a better place. But I’m just one of a handful who actually speak out on the issues and have a real PLAN. I’m just not one of the powers-that-be who really needs to be leading and executing new and better plans. I’m not Local and I hope readers can see this problem.

I can remember doing “a Research Study on the Learning Styles of Pacific Islanders” and I used some of the late Dr. Inos’ research to confirm my theory on Pacific Islander’s Learning Styles but that’s another story. The point I’m trying to make is that I discovered that “DREAMING of Changing and Transforming the Culture” was never a real part of the Local Cultures and history will support me on this. It has been documented that for four hundred years the Local People had to accept a “wait-and-see” approach to their lives that would be controlled under the Spanish, the Germans, and the Japanese. It was only when America liberated the Northern Islands that the DREAM of living like Americans was born. But even that Dream was distorted with contradicting philosophies of “only Locals v equality for all” and to-date Locals still haven’t awakened to the harsh mistake.

Dreaming of a better CNMI is becoming a lesser and lesser chance for real fruition just a taste of progress and prosperity here and there which the Governor used to TRICK voters. For TRUE, many of our youth are real DREAMERS which is why they leave here for the mainland as quick, fast and in-a-hurry as they can to follow their DREAMS that can’t be achieved in the CNMI. Too many of our youth and even adults see staying in the CNMI as LOSING OUT on the LIFE that was anticipated when the N. Islands became a Commonwealth. This is NOT the land of opportunity like the rest of America unless you are a CW, for TRUE! Our GOP has given soooo much attention to the business community and CWs that it has forgotten that our youth need more opportunities to achieve their dreams. To date the CNMI does not have a SINGLE Repatriation Plan for any of our youth or adults who are on the mainland, especially those experience and college degrees which is something the Scholarship Program should have implemented when they started the Program. The GOP thinks they are just going to come back on their own and take the risk of finding a job that they will have to compete with a CW for — keep dreaming GOP as I TOLD YOU SO on more than one occasion to create a Repatriation Plan to help with the CW Transition.

One of the biggest problems with dreaming for better political outcomes is that tooo many voters don’t know any different as it has always been “a family thing when it comes to controlling the government and corruption is just accepted as part of government” when neither of these things have to be true nor exist on these small islands. One of the things I noticed as an Economist and as a Sociologist is that being on an island is like living in a “test-tub” that can easily be manipulated for the greater good or for the few who could control the power and it looks like the GOP, their families and their businesses are the only DREAM winners, for TRUE and HELLER!

In fact, I have been one of the main people who continues to DREAM for the CNMI but they are disregarded due to the “Nonlocal Stigma” and exacerbated by the fact that I’m out-spoken and not afraid to hold the Governor or any member of our Legislature feet-to-the-fire figuratively. I dared to dream about many things for the CNMI long before our leaders even had an idea which they didn’t like. I may be the first out-sider to have really dreamed about saving the Retirement Fund when it was getting robbed, I dared to dream of saving the cultures by creating a Culture Curriculum and even wrote a textbook and I’m still waiting to see a local write a text book. (See the problem, just imagine if slaves had refused the help of the white abolitionist). I dared to dream that equality could truly be achieved in the CNMI, I dared to dream that our economic plight was better served with the Japanese and without a casino, I dared to dream that ONE DAY our GOVERNMENT would LIVE UP to the intent of our National & State Constitutions with TWO Parties that offered real CHECKS & BALANCES for the PEOPLE! I could literally go on and on with the things I have DREAMED for the CNMI only to be stifled by my status of out-sider. Heck, I did more to get marijuana legal than ANY of the people who got the top jobs but that was all in the GOP Plan form the start to shut me out. If our Governor will stab someone like ME in the back while smiling in my face just think of what he will do to the silent ones, duh and for TRUE!

It was just in the news about how the Medical Referral Program is costing the CNMI 10s of millions but yet our GOP hasn’t dared to DREAM of creating a Permanent Program on Guam which is what the CNMI will really need for the next few 40 to 50 yrs. until the population can support a major hospital. I dared to dream of creating a PERMANENT Medical Referral Program on Guam when I first entered the program after my retirement almost a decade ago. I wrote and extensive Analysis of the problems & challenges with a Plan to address the needs of the CNMI. Presently the CNMI is housing almost an average of 100 patients a month in different hotels. It would be far cheaper in the long run for the CNMI to purchase a Hotel or Apartment Complex that could be used for housing all the Medical Referral Patients as we are spending more than enough to pay a note for a Hotel or Apartment Complex. The previous Governor of Guam was also willing to work with the CNMI on a “Land Exchange” that would allow a CNMI presence in Guam and a Guam Presence in the CNMI which would do a lot to re-unite the Culture ties. But my dreams are you-know-what to our GOP leaders for the past 21 years as they haven’t dreamed of anything except for HOW to STAY in POWER!

TEACHERS DO NOT sign the “addendum” to your contract and if they fire you for not signing take them to court for “forcing you to sign a contract under dourest”. BOE is kowtowing to the administration at your cost so let them cut your salary but the cut has to be REPAID! If voters don’t start thinking, dreaming and taking the chance to make things better with the Democrats then they won’t get any better as “so you thinketh then so it will be” which is what we teach our children every-day to think & dream of reaching the stars and the moon for their life as “THEY CAN be-what-they-want-to-be!!! Teachers are a lot smarter than many of the average voters and they KNOW that the Governor HAD to KNOW we would be facing AUSTERITY long BEFORE he made his STATE of the Commonwealth Address which was only five months before declaring austerity, HELLER! Teachers also know that there are many OTHER solutions than making cuts in every Government Entity, especially when it comes to OUR CHILDREN and the future of PSS & CNMI. BOE & PSS will SURELY face another TEACHER SHORTAGE next year — an Austerity Plan for the FAILURE of our Public-School System!

I hope and PRAY TEACHERS and EVERYONE at PSS & BOE will PROTEST to TEACH the entire CNMI how adverse Political Issues are SUPPOSED to BE handled in America by voters and TEACH the Governor a lesson for his poor planning and misleading us ALL to get elected!!! We the People can achieve what we want but we must first believe (DREAM) that it can be done which is where the Democratic Party comes in as we need a two-party system not the broken one-arm-bandit of our GOP. But the Democrats MUST do their part with “CREDITABLE & QUALITIFED” candidates. We the People need NEW Candidates for the Democratic Party as we shouldn’t continue to be LOSERS so dare to DREAM voters and potential Democrat Leaders this coming mid-term and give YOURSELF and the Democratic Party a REAL CHANCE. The Democrats can put our Government on course for real checks & balances and better governing to end this austerity roller-coaster ride for good and that’s for TRUE! To be continued: One people one direction for the rebirth of Democracy in the CNMI come next November!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.